Hands-on video reveals Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, S Pen 3x more responsive

From the news of the flagship phone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series gradually leaking out, it can be confirmed that the top model Galaxy S22 Ultra will be a mobile phone that replaces the Galaxy Note series, because It will come with a pen S Pen and also has a built-in storage compartment … and the latest also has a Hands-on clip of this mobile phone coming out as well. In the clip, it will also be a rough test of the S Pen.The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s on-screen writing was found to be 3x more efficient than the Galaxy Note 20.

For this Galaxy S22 Ultra Hands-on clip comes from YouTube channel XEETECHCARE that shows the phone model in person, which the different designs are according to the renders that have come out before. This page is perfect With the overall appearance that goes out to the Galaxy Note Series more than the Galaxy S Series

And further reinforcing that it will definitely replace the series of notes. Because this mobile phone comes with an S Pen with a built-in storage compartment. You don’t have to buy more cases like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

And there is also a test of the S Pen thatThis time, the latency was reduced to just 2.8 milliseconds. Compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Series, with the S Pen’s lag of 9 milliseconds, it’s more than 3 times more responsive, meaning the lines on the screen are drawn so close to the nib that you hardly notice any lag at all. Give you the feeling of writing with a real pen.

In addition, we have also tested the approximate camera UI and found that the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a resolution main camera. 108MP According to previously leaked news and supports video recording at HDR 12-bit level (supports only the main camera)

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S22 Series in February. (May be launched on the 9th and sold on February 25th), which is only about a month left.

Source: @xeetechcare (Twitter)