Hamilton Lottery Results – If you want to enter into the Hamilton lottery you will have to download and install the Hamilton application. You should be active on your phone as you will get notifications about the Hamilton lottery on your mobile phone. The lotteries are also available for $10. If you focus, use your intelligence and play the lottery then your chances of winning the lottery are very high. The seats are held for every Hamilton performance and after the performance, you will get the results of the lottery. If you are a winner of the lottery game then, it’s time to party for you.


If you do not win the lottery than do not disappoint yourself as you can try the next time and there may be a chance that you win the lottery the next time you play. It all depends on luck and your intelligence while playing the lottery. Lotteries can change your life. In this article, you will get a lot of information about the Hamilton lottery. We will also tell you the tips to win the lottery and also some dos and don’ts for winning the lottery.

How to Win Hamilton Lottery Tickets?

Here we have the step by step guide to win the Hamilton lottery. Follow the step by step guide to win the Hamilton lottery.

Step 1: download the Hamilton application.

Step 2: while installing the application make sure that you have enabled the lottery reminder.

Step 3: create a Hamilton reminder to remind you to enter every lottery.

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Step 4: click on the lottery tab and click on every available lottery in NYC.

Step 5: make sure that you have checked off two tickets because all your friends will want to join you.

Step 6: Keep an eye on your phone from 10:30 am to 11:00 am as this is the time for you to get the notification.

Step 7: keep waiting for the day to get a winning message.

Step 8: tell everyone that you have got the Hamilton tickets.

Step 9: purchase your ticket as soon as possible.

Step 10: make sure whom you are bringing along with you and they know where to meet you.

Step 11: bring along with you your Email confirmation and your ID proof and go to the main theatre door.

Step 12: you will be asked to sit in a waiting room to claim your tickets.

Step 13: enjoy the show.

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Tips to Win the Hamilton Lottery

There are a lot of people who want to win the Hamilton lottery. Even you surely would love to win the Hamilton lottery. We have some tips for you which will be very helpful for you to win the Hamilton lottery.

  1. Be Calm

Once the lottery starts you will have to be calm. You will feel very excited as the line will quickly start moving front. You will find many people who will fill the form very slowly and move slowly in line and also with the staff who will be giving them the instructions. There are possibilities that you may forget the other tips but keep calm and move ahead remembering everything.

  1. Fold your entry

Folding your entry in a very unique way will increase your chances of winning the lottery. There are some lotteries where folding is not permitted but the staff of Hamilton will permit you to fold your entry. The most chances of winning the lottery are that when the lottery is drawn most of the time the ticket folded differently is withdrawn.

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  1. Bring your friends

Many people have attended the lottery alone also has won. But attending with your friends will boost your confidence and will give you more confidence in winning the lottery.

  1. Scatter your friends

Scattering your friends everywhere will also increase your chances of winning the lottery as you will give more entries through your friends.

  1. Lean towards the end of the line

Being in front line you will get a better view of Hamilton. But staying in the last of the line will give you a better results. It will increase your chances of winning the lottery. Many people won the lottery by going late and also went 20 minutes before the drawing of the lottery tickets.

  1. Enter every day

To win the lottery you will have to go to Hamilton every day as any day you can get the luck and you may win the lottery.

  1. Allow notifications from the Hamilton application

If you allow the notifications from the Hamilton applications then you will get all the notification about the Hamilton lottery. You will be notified if the lottery takes place in your city.

  1. it is only a matter of time

If you lose the lottery don’t get disappointed. Or if you get a notification that you are unlucky and did not win the lottery then just don’t get disappointed. it’s just a matter of time to win the lottery. You may win next time. Every winner has time and your time to win the lottery will surely come.


What is the Probability of Winning the Hamilton Lottery?

It is not possible to predict the chances of winning. We can only predict the probability of winning through some statistics. The exact probability cannot be given but if you follow the correct the proper process then you will surely win the lottery. If you have a negative attitude then, you will not win the lottery. You should always think that you will win the lottery then your probability of winning the lottery will increase drastically. Make sure to follow the above process and also the tips to win the lottery and increase the probability to win the lottery.

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How Big is the Hamilton lottery Competition?   

1 to 2 tickets are winning the lottery is available 20 tickets. Therefore the least number of tickets winning the lottery is 11 tickets. And for winning 11 tickets there must be at least 440 people participating in the lottery. This is just an estimate and not the exact number of people. The exact number of people participating and winning can depend on the lottery to lottery. The upper bound and lower bound calculation is not possible. So the competition is not that easy you must use your smartness and win the lottery and your luck also should be favorable to you in the winning of the lottery.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Winning Lottery

Here we have a few quick dos and don’ts which will be very useful for you during the lottery. There are some things which you need to do for the lottery as well as there are a few things which you should not do for the lottery. Go through our dos and don’ts list and play the lottery game.

  1. Do download the Hamilton application from the app store or you can even download it from the official website.
  2. Do enter into every show. If you entered into one show that doesn’t mean that you will win the lottery.
  3. Don’t enter more than once in each performance. it will not increase your chance of winning the lottery.
  4. Do enter the lottery before two days of every show. The lottery closes at 9:00 am and the results are announced at 11:00 am.
  5. Do purchase your ticket before 4:00 pm on the day before the lottery.
  6. Don’t try to resell the tickets.

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