Gucci x Oura Ring Able to measure pulse to detect stress

Many people are probably familiar with using smartwatches that have a heart rate monitor feature. sleep tracker or even measure stress levels as well But if the smart watch that we wear today Will shrink to just a small ring, how cool will it be? Recently, the luxury smart ring, Gucci x Oura Ring, has actually come out with these features.

Oura is a startup focused on building smart devices with smart features into smaller devices. For example, a smart ring designed with the famous fashion brand Gucci this time. The shape of the ring has been designed with a special aesthetic that is Gucci’s style. Weighing only 4 grams, and the iconic G logo and 18k gold motif add even more elegance.

In terms of features, it’s not common. Can measure heart rate, respiration, body temperature track sleep and canIt can also tell if the user is stressed or sick or not. From the summary of data in the Oura app.

This is because measurements from the finger arteries make it possible toIt measures your heart rate more accurately than a smart watch.which is measured through the wrist as well

The Gucci x Oura Ring smart ring is now available for a price. 950 dollars or about 32,000 baht Available in select stores only. In Thailand, anyone who wants it can order online.

source: ouraring