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Graphics card problem on Asus ROG

You had black screens ? Or others display concerns? It is usually a graphics card problem on an Asus ROG. Therefore, you would probably like to know how solve it to avoid getting stuck. Indeed, the Graphic card controls your computer’s display. So when the latter meets problems, you can quickly be disturbed. However, don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will inform you about the role of the graphics card. Then we will present to you methods to correct this problem. For example in the case where the latter lights up and the screen remains black.


Understand the role of the graphics card on an Asus ROG:

You should know that at the base your Asus ROG works with a series of coded lines hard to understand. So for you to have a graphical interface intuitive and easy to use. It is necessary to go through a Graphic card. The latter has the role of transcribe the code into an image like Windows windows …

So the graphics card is a peripheral installed on your motherboard, in the same way as the CPU, the hard disk … So, to allow the transfer data between the two elements. You will need a driver. This is a program whose role is to translate and transfer the data. In this way, they become understandable and usable by Windows 10 operating system and the Graphic card.

This equipment evolves extremely quickly in order to cope with the precision of graphics and the speed of video games. It represents one of the major components on a computer. Therefore, in the event that it malfunctions, you can have black screen problems on your Asus ROG. However, these may seem very complicated to correct because you will no longer have display. But to respond to this type of dysfunction Windows 10 foresee a recovery environment. We will see that after this tutorial.

The method to solve a graphics card problem on an Asus ROG?

As soon as you meet a malfunction with the graphics card of your Asus ROG. It is common for you to come to turn on your Asus ROG but the screen remains black. Therefore, above all, we will give you methods to access your Windows desktop Nevertheless.

What to do when your Asus ROG turns on and the screen remains black?

When you find yourself in this situation on your Asus ROG. Windows 10 provides a recovery environment (WinRe). This will allow you to access a fairly simple interface in order to reduce the generation of error cases.

In this way, using the latter you will have access to tools for correct the problem on your computer. And above all, you can restart your computer in safe mode. Here again the purpose will be to give you the possibility to access your Windows session. But, you will have a minimum display to avoid the generation of error cases. Therefore, you will find that in this mode, you will not see background. This will remain black but you will access the icons and to the Windows taskbar. In this way you will be able to carry out techniques for solve your graphics card problem.

Access the Windows 10 recovery environment on an Asus ROG:

For this, you will have to repeat the following two indications on average 3 times:

  1. Start with turn on your Asus ROG by pressing the Power button,
  2. When the computer starts to get started, you will need to press the same button for at least 5 seconds in order to turn it off.

Usually during the third start. You should access the blue “Choose an option” screen.

Restart your Asus ROG in Safe Mode from Windows Recovery Environment:

On this environment, you will be able to access the safe mode. To do this, you will have to select ” Repair ” then ” Advanced options ” and click on Settings. Otherwise it is also possible to launch tools dedicated for to fix your dysfunction in the screen of Advanced options.

We recommend that you try the boot in safe mode who is recommended in the case of display problems. In this way, as soon as you are on it, you will have the possibility of update the graphics card driver as shown below.

If you want to know more about how to restart your computer in safe mode. Particularly if you don’t have a black screen problem when you switch it on. We advise you to read the following article: How to start an Asus ROG in Safe Mode?

Update the graphics card driver on an Asus ROG?

When you are on the Desktop of your Asus ROG. You can very easily start updating the graphics card on your Asus ROG. You should know that today with Windows 10, all updates including driver updates are included in Windows Update.

Therefore, it is possible to launch a global update via the Settings (toothed wheel inside the Start menu). You will have to go to the section “Update and security”. Then in the sub-section ” Windows Update “. Otherwise it is possible to update only the graphics card driver thanks to the Device Manager.

Updating the graphics card via Device Manager on an Asus ROG:

If you want update the graphics card driver on your Asus ROG. Perform the steps described below:

  1. Start by opening the Device Manager using the Windows 10 search bar or the keyboard shortcut Windows + X.
  2. Then find the registry “Graphics cards”, and expand it.
  3. Double click on your graphics card to access the window properties.
  4. After that you can head to the tab “Pilot”.
  5. And press the button “Update the driver”.
  6. Finally select “Automatically search for drivers”.

In conclusion : When you meet a graphics card problem on your Asus ROG, most often it will be a problem of driver update. In the event that this is not sufficient, it is still possible to go to the official website of your graphics card supplier in order to download the latest version of the driver. If you want to have more information about the Graphic card integrated on your Asus ROG. Don’t hesitate to use DirectX diagnostic tool accessible by entering dxdiag in the Windows 10 search bar. Thus in the tab Display, you will have all the information on the graphics card and above all the version of the driver downloaded.

If you are looking for more information on your Asus ROG, you can watch tutorials from the category: Asus ROG.

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