Gpo for Firefox – Configure Firefox by Group Policy

Mozilla Firefox is a Internet browser competing with Edge Chromium, Google Chrome or the late Internet Explorer.

It’s a free browser which also protects your privacy (like the Brave browser).

This tutorial offers you to configure the Navigator for your entire fleet thanks to group policy more commonly called GPO.

What is the point of managing Firefox using GPO?

When you have a lot of users in your fleet, you will be able to configure easily and from your Active Directory server browser settings.

You can set the default page, prevent updates and even add trusted sites.

As you can see, GPOs allow you to simplify administration within your park.

GPOs are available through ADMX files. Firefox supports group policies from version 60!

Step 1: Download Firefox ADMX

The ADMX files used to set up GPOs for Firefox can be downloaded from the following GitHub repository:

admx firefox
You need to download the ADMX files.

Step 2: Copy the Admx to the central store

The easiest solution is to copy paste the contents of the files into the central store. The GPO will be so available on all domain controllers.

admx firefox
You must copy the two ADMX files + the fr-FR folder

The files are to be copied and pasted in the following directory

C: Windows SYSVOL domain Policies PolicyDefinitions

If the PolicyDefinitions folder does not exist create it.

This SYSVOL folder is replicated between all controllers in the domain.

I recommend you also copy paste the contents of the file C: Windows PolicyDefinitions

This allows you to benefit from all GPOs across the entire domain.

If you don’t copy these files then you will only see the imported GPOs (here Firefox) in the central store.

Windows PolicyDefinitions
Example of the contents of the PolicyDefinitions folder

Step 3: Configure Firefox with GPOs

Firefox configuration options are accessible in the GPO menu.

To access it you can do Windows + R then type GPMC.MSC


The options to configure Firefox are accessible in the configuration of computers or users.

management editing group strategies
Here are some options available in FIREFOX GPOs

You are free to navigate and configure the various options. Just like the Windows GPO you can create specific configurations for users or computers.

It is thus possible to modify the browser start page, blocks the installation of Add-ons or even updates.

Finally, if you have business applications that use SSO, Firefox GPOs allow you to easily configure it.

SSO automatically logs in the user using their login and password. The connection is thus transparent for the user.

The parameter is accessible in the “Authentication” menu, then you have to enter the different Web applications in the options in NTLM

You must modify the NTLM field

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