Google Workspace: configure how Gmail data is used

Like home users of Gmail free version, businesses and organizations that work with Google Workspace must also adjust their privacy settings early in 2021.

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, Google Apps for Work, and Google Apps, is the suite of tools and software provided by Google for a subscription. The environment brings together access to Gmail (electronic mail), Calendar (shared calendar), Google Meet (videoconferencing, such as Zoom), Google Drive (file storage), Docs – Sheets – Slide as an alternative to Microsoft Word – Excel – PowerPoint.

Like the free version of Google services which asked users to validate the conditions of use of the data of the Google account, Google Workspace administrators should do the same for their users. This must be done before January 25, 2021, otherwise the functionality will be limited by default, but it will obviously be possible to change these settings after this date.

This tutorial explains how activate new Gmail features and personalization settings from the Google Workspace admin console, for businesses and organizations that use this service.

Activate Google Workspace personalization settings

1. Open the administration console Google Workspace.

2. Go to ” Account settings “:

Google Workspace tutorial administration console settings

3. Click on ” Smart features and customization “:

tutorial Google Workspace administration console features and customization

4. Click on ” Set a default rule for users “And choose” Enable smart features and personalization for Gmail, Chat, and Meet ” and ” Enable features and personalization for other Google products “:

tutorial Google Workspace administration console features and customization

5. Validate by ” Save “.

6. It may take up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect.

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