Google uses AI to enhance productivity on Workspace, able to summarize meetings. or automatically summarize chat messages

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a service that consists of apps that focus on many tasks at the enterprise level, such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, etc., which Google is constantly trying to develop and improve its performance by Recently, Google has revealed that it is now using AI to help apps on Workspace have more capabilities than before. and smarter than before Until I can even automatically summarize the meeting to only the main points.

At this time, there should be many companies that are starting to change to work from home or more hybrid. Of course, online meetings are very important in planning various events to be effective, which Google has adopted the most intelligent AI system to help this work more efficient than before Whether…

Auto-summaries Summary of the meeting with AI system

One of the cool features that Google has brought in its AI system is Auto-summaries In a Google Doc app that uses machine learning to process language. and writing of meeting papers Then only the water part is separated. and culled out the most important parts and put them together for a quick summary of what it was all about.

Auto-summaries Selecting only the content from the meeting documents, leaving only the main points.

In addition, Auto-summaries has also been put into the app Google Spaces (A group chat app) let it help process the conversations in the app into specific highlights.

The content discussed in Google Spaces has been extracted to summarize only the important topics.

Streamline your Google Meet video calls to be clearer and brighter.

Teleconferencing via Google Meet gives a clearer view of each person’s face. Even when the meeting is in a dimly lit room or the webcam is an old model, because the AI ​​system will help to improve the picture to be bright and see each other clearly.

Portrait Light Adjust lighting for video calls like you’re in the studio.

If just making your video calls clear and bright isn’t enough, Google Meet also uses machine learning to help simulate the direction of light just like you’re in a studio. will choose which side of the face will be bright Or to make them shine equally on all sides, it’s easy to do.

Remove echo for video calls.

Teleconference with only clear images, bullying to talk to each other. Google, therefore, improve the sound system with the system. de-reverberation To help reduce echoes even in a narrow room, making them talk more clearly.

Can share content with team members

In a teleconference with Google Meet, we can now share content with other participants to control. For example, we share a video clip in a meeting room. other attendees (Allowed) will press play, press pause, press accelerate the video as well. Not limited to only one person sharing content.

Convert meeting audio to text

For those who can’t attend meetings on Google Meet, Google will soon remove the system. Aautomated transcriptions Come in and help transcribe the meeting sound to come out in letters that are ready to be read. No need to sit and listen to the meeting again.

Increase Workspace Security

If the files in Gmail, Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets have something to do with whether it is a latent malware Or is it a phishing link, spoofing various passwords? The system will immediately alert you.

It is considered to be the introduction of a very intelligent AI system to be used together with the work in the right way, because each inserted into it. It’s said to increase productivity and convenience a lot…but some features like Auto-summaries or Automated transcriptions In the beginning, it will still support only English language. For other languages, we may have to wait a bit longer.

Source: Google