Google Play Store APK Free – Latest Version for Android

Google play store or simply Play store is here official store of Internet giant Google. Download Google Play Store APK will allow you to install games and applications on your Android tablet or smartphone.

It has been observed that some manufacturers, although using Android as an operating system, no longer offer Google services (Exception for Huawei smartphones which have recently lost their license).

If you have also made a mistake once purchasing a non-global version of a Chinese smartphone like Xiaomi, then you will quickly understand the reason for this post.

In the previously mentioned case you will be in the presence of a smartphone which will force you to do operations such as unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader and making it global.

Otherwise without Google service, if you are used to it like most Android users, your smartphone can piss you off because you will not be able to use classic applications like YouTube, Google Map and even less Google Assistant by default. .

The solution is to manually install the various Google Services, but also to download the Google Play Store APK in its latest version. As you already have an idea about the importance of download from google play, let’s take a little more information before moving on to the section dedicated to the free download of the latter.

What is Google Play Store?

What is Google Play Store?

This section is for informational purposes only, you can always skip it and download Google Play Store APK in its latest version.

Play Store is the official store developed and maintained by Google. Launched in 2012, it was born from the merger of four services, namely:

  • Android Market which was dedicated to the sale of applications
  • Google Movies dedicated to the distribution of films and series
  • Google Music which was responsible for selling the music
  • And lastly, the Google EbookStore, which was dedicated to selling books in electronic formats.

Contrary to those that many think and what was presented in the intro, this store also allows movie rental, the sale of music, books, magazines, games and apps. Some features mentioned above are unfortunately subject to restrictions or limitations related to geography.

Is it possible to install the apps without Play Store?

YES, it is very possible …

Fortunately, unlike iOS, the Android operating system is not very closed. Quite simply because it accepts the installation of third-party applications from elsewhere than on the Play Store.

Even that it is possible toinstall play store using an APK file (which is provided to you as a download below).

To be able to install an Android application without Play Store, you will have to tick the ” unknown sources to allow the installation of application from other sources than the official store in the settings of your device.

Note, however, that the method of authorizing unknown sources may vary depending on several aspects such as:

  • The make and model of your smartphone or tablet;
  • From the Android version installed on your device;
  • Etc.

What are its features?

The application in question is well known and used for the installation of other apps and games on Android devices, but in reality as seen above, its usefulness is not limited only to applications and games.

Play Store also allows you to:

  • Rent films and television series;
  • Buy music;
  • Buy e-books
  • Google Play Store also allows the purchase of magazines;
  • The purchase of mobile games;
  • Lastly, the installation of Android applications.

As you already know very well what the application is for, let’s move on to the section dedicated to download from google play store apk.

Download Google Play Store APK – Latest Free Version

Google play store icon
Application name Google play store
File type APK
Version 19.8.15
Cut 20.8MB
Languages Multilingual
Official site

The button below will allow you to download the APK file that you will then install on your smartphone to start enjoying reliable and secure installations.

This section can also be skipped if you are sufficiently familiar with using Android.

Once you have downloaded Google Play Store and installed it on your Android, you can now do installations easily.

If there is a link from an application available on Google Play, clicking on this link will automatically redirect you to the application.

The easiest way to install an Android app is to:

1. Search for the desired application.

Find an application

2. Once you have the search results, tap on the application in question in this case it is the “Facebook” application

Find the app

3. Tap on Install, wait for the download and installation to complete.

How to install an app with Google Play

That’s all you have installed your app and you can use it.

How to install an app with Play Store


It is also possible to use other alternative apps to Play Store to make downloading and installing Games and other apps very easy.Still wondering why download Google Play Store?Well, normally the version installed on Android devices updates regularly.But unfortunately, sometimes it does not happen automatically, this is where you will have to download it manually to give it a little boost.

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