Google Play Music: configure maximum quality

By default, Google’s music streaming service only streams songs in “medium” quality to save data consumption. In this age of almost unlimited 4G mobile data and fiber optic packages in our homes, we can appreciate superior audio quality. In addition, with connected speakers / Bluetooth more and more widespread in our homes and apartments, online music is the way to listen to music that has imposed itself, to the detriment of the hi-fi system with CD player and even USB keys stuffed with MP3 files.

Like Deezer, Spotify and other streaming services, Google Play Music gives the possibility to listen to albums, songs, playlists, radios. In paid subscription or in free use, the music streamed by Google is by default broadcast in “average” quality while there is a “high” quality to improve listening.

This guide explains how improve the audio quality of music played by Google Play Music on smartphones and tablets Android and ios, as well as on computer (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Increase audio quality of Google Play Music on Android and iPhone

1. Open the app Play Music on Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to the menu (three bars icon at the top left) and press Settings :

Google Play Music high quality music

3. Go down to the group Reading to find ” Quality on mobile networks ” and ” Quality on Wi-Fi networks »: Click on the first one before redoing the operation on the second.

Google Play Music high quality music

4. Change the quality to ” Always high »To no longer worry about the audio quality on a 3G / 4G connection, in France or abroad. Of course, this parameter is only interesting with a data plan of several GB.

Google Play Music high quality music

5. Repeat the operation to modify the quality on wifi networks : here we can choose ” Always high ”Without asking any questions since by default, a wifi internet connection by box or public access point is not limited in quantity of data.

6. The next listening will be in the maximum quality offered by Google Play Music.

Increase audio quality of Google Play Music on computer

Windows PC, Mac or Linux, listening to music by Google Play on a computer is done by an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or other.

1. Open an internet browser and go to the site

2. Click on the button Menu then on Settings (cogwheel icon):

google play music music settings

3. In the group General, change the quality type to ” Always high “:

google play music high quality music

4. The next songs you listen to will therefore be of superior quality, the best possible.

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