Google Pixel Tablet information found to come with Android 13, 64-bit version, eating less RAM

Mishaal Rahman, a regular code miner, found that The Pixel Tablet will come with a new Android 13 that supports only 64-bit apps. 32-bit apps will not run. Unlike the current version that supports both architectures, the advantage is that the system uses less RAM resources, resulting in a better user experience.

Google originally began laying the groundwork for the 64-bit architecture in Android 5 released in 2014, but recently released a requirement for developers to update or bring apps to Google Play in 2019 and take it more seriously. in 2020 as follows:

  • Year 2019 – All apps including new apps on Google Play with native code. Must have 64-bit version concurrently. from the original only 32-bit
  • 2020 – Stop distributing 64-bit apps on Google Play to 64-bit devices. Block search to prevent searches from being found.

The iOS side started enforcing only 64-bit apps since 5 years ago, so if Android starts to change in the same direction, it’s good. After all, ARM already plans to stop supporting 32-bit apps by 2023, and most of the apps on Google Play are 64-bit as well.

As for the Pixel Tablet, there isn’t much information right now, apart from the aforementioned 64-bit Android 13, just know that. It will come with an 8MP front and rear cameras, use the same IMX355 sensor found in the Pixel 6’s selfie camera, and are powered by a Tensor chipset.

Source: Mishaal Rahman