Google Maps adds new travel features, Immersive View, 3D site visits and a fuel-efficient route finder feature.

At Google I/O 2022 this time, Google is sure to have something new and innovative to present to us as usual. In addition to revealing the Android 13 system, there are also new features that have been added to the navigation app like Google Maps. Immersive View that allows us to visit places in a realistic way, or be Eco-friendly routing The most fuel-efficient route options per trip

Immersive View

It’s definitely a feature that should be appreciated by travelers, as Immersive view in Google Maps is a feature that makes this app more than just a general navigation app. because we will be able to find the desired attractions Then click to see the picture of the real place immediately. The above image is not just a simple 2D image, but it is a 3D image that Google uses its AI system to collect images of that location and process it until we can see every nook and cranny like to actually be in that place

3D image of a place from Google Maps (not a Sim City game)

Plus, the famous shops also have 3D images inside to see each other separately. what’s in the shop How pleasant is the atmosphere? with information on whether there are many people now Or how is the traffic around the shop? You can choose to drive yourself or use public transport.

It also comes with a feature that will display images of the location at different times of the day or by season. It makes it easier to decide when we want to visit that place. Because some places may have a better atmosphere at night than during the day. Some may have a beautiful view at sunrise. Some places give a romantic mood in winter with snow covered.

Immersive view for Google Maps is now available in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and will continue to expand to major cities in other countries. yes

Eco-friendly routing

Usually when we use Google Maps to find directions to get to a destination. We tend to choose the closest route because we think it will save time and fuel when traveling, but the closest route may not actually be the fastest. because there may be more traffic jams There is a narrow road that can’t speed much. The road surface is not good or others.

Now, the navigation system in Google Maps has added the option of navigating the most fuel-efficient routes. This route is marked with a leaf symbol indicating that it is a convenient route to drive. The road is not rough and the speed is consistent. And of course, the cars are not so crowded. The feature is now available in the US and Canada. and is about to start expanding its use in the European zone

For these cool features, as said, Google has just started to be available in certain countries only. And it’s expected that it will take a while to get used to it… but it’s something to look forward to. because in addition to helping to facilitate travel already tourism It also saves us the cost of travelling. It also helps to reduce unnecessary energy consumption as well.