Google lost in Sonos patent infringement lawsuit – banned from importing Google Nest into the US

In the long-running lawsuit between Sonos and Google over patent infringement since 2020, the US International Trade Commission (USITC) has found Google guilty. Sonos’ intellectual property infringement penalty includes five patents related to smart speakers and audio systems, preventing Google from ‘importing’ the devices associated with those patents for sale in the United States.

Several devices were affected this time, in addition to Google Nest, formerly Google Home, Chromebooks, Chromecasts, and even the Pixel, all of which were made in China and then shipped. to sell in America

The USITC ban will come into effect within 60 days if Joe Biden doesn’t object, but Google has found a way to “adjust” or “remove” some of the device’s features. As we have seen in the case of the Chromecast, which can not adjust the volume from a mobile phone running Android 12, including the recently announced that the Speaker Group feature to control the sound of multiple speakers of Google Nest has to be adjusted. sound from the speakers one by one

But the story might not end here, as Sonos and Google also have two pending patent infringement lawsuits filed in courts in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. The verdict isn’t over yet, with Sonos saying dozens of patents have been stolen by Google. as well as demanding that Google pay the copyright in accordance with the sanctions

Sonos shared speaker and audio technology with Google when the two companies began working together in 2013. At the time, Google was not a competitor in the Sonos market until the launch of the Google Home line in 2016. before renaming it to Google Nest later.

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