Google is preparing to add new features to the Android system, which can send and receive files from a PC or use a mobile phone as a car key.

A survey shows that as of 2021, people in the United States own about 25 smart devices per household. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, speaker, or even a car that can be connected to various smart devices, Google continues to develop the Android system. allowing it to connect to other devices for seamless compatibility. Google has released new features that will allow Android devices and smart home devices to work together more efficiently.

Connect your Android device to other smart devices faster.

No more boring problems when buying a new mobile phone, tablet or Chromebook and having to sit and connect with the Smart Device that was used with the same device because the Fast Pair feature is about to receive a new update in no time. how many weeks ahead It will make it super easy to connect various smart devices to your Chromebook, such as wireless headphones that support Fast Pair. When enabled near your Chromebook, you’ll have the option to press Pair and use it right away.

And after this, there will be another wave of updates that will allow us to set up the Chromebook via the Android mobile we are using. This will copy data like your Google account or WiFi password to your Chromebook without having to set it up yourself.

Google TV or devices running Android TV OS will also be updated to support the Fast Pair feature. You can connect to wireless headphones like Pixel Buds by pressing Connect on the TV screen after turning on the headphones. such

Digital Car Key Unlock your car with your Android phone without having to take it out of your pocket.

At the end of this year, the supported BMW car models will be able to use the Digital Car Key feature toUnlock the car and start the car without a key. Just have a mobile phone that supports UWB or Ultra Wideband with you. (You can put it in your pants pocket). When entering the range of the car, the door will automatically unlock and press the start button to drive the car away. can alsoShare your Digital Car Key with your friend’s mobile phone or anyone else who wants to borrow your car.

The Digital Car Key feature is currently only available on select Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. But by the end of the year, Google will expand this feature to other mobile brands that have specifications to support this system as well.

Google will also add a feature to unlock the screen of Android mobile phones using Wear OS smartwatches. We can enter a code to unlock. Or you can press the lock on the smart watch screen. (I still don’t know how useful this one is, haha.)

Optimize entertainment applications

Bluetooth systems connected to headphones or wireless speakers will be more intelligent. For example, our headphones are connected to both tablets and mobile phones at the same time. And while we were watching the series on the tablet and a call came to the mobile phone. Headphone audio will instantly switch from tablet to answer phone calls with Pause Series included. and when the call ends will automatically switch the sound to the tablet

For anyone who likes the convenience of the Chromecast feature that allows us to send movies, series, video clips or music from mobile phones to play on smart TVs, smart speakers, smart screens. After this, Google will go hand in hand with many appliance manufacturers to include the Chromecast feature, giving more options to use. like a camp Bose It’s about to have smart speakers and soundbar speakers that support Chromecast coming soon.

More compatible with Chromebooks

Later in the year, Google will update the Phone Hub feature on Chromebooks to add more compatibility with Android mobile devices than ever before. We will be able to respond to chats that pop up to mobile from the Chromebook screen even without the app installed. It will also add a Camera Roll feature that lets you browse photos or videos saved on your phone on your Chromebook screen.

Send and receive files with Nearby Share between Android and Windows PC.

It is a feature that Windows users have been asking for (a lot) for a long time. Google will add a feature that allows Android mobile users to connect to a Windows PC to use Nearby Share to be able to send files between 2 devices. Currently, Google is working with Acer, HP and Intel to develop the Nearby Share feature to be compatible with many PCs.

For all these new features, Google will gradually develop and release updates for Android devices within 2022 (personally, I’m anxiously waiting for Nearby Share between Android and Windows PC).