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Call to GoFundMe phone number (01800) for information is Spanish of the platform for profit that you are looking for donations for social projects. Below you will not only find the telephone contact, but also information on schedules, programs, complaints/claims line, contact for questions or requests for donations and address of corporate headquarters. The company has other channels in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line, therefore, you can also access social networks and the official website of the corporation. Check everything about this method of fundraising through people who donate money online.

What is GoFundme and how does it work?

GoFundMe It is a crowdfunding platform of for-profit corporations (Charity) that allows people in some countries, but not all, to raise money for events ranging from life and health events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances such as accidents and illnesses. like breast cancer. From 2010 to 2017, more than $3 billion was raised on the platform from more than 2 million individual campaigns. The company is based in San Diego, California.

US customer service phone

Find here the customer service number of the crowdfunding platform for companies, called GoFundme. This company is located in the United States. Call now and you can solve all your doubts and concerns +1(619)-721-3863.

Address for collection of donations: 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1770 San Diego, California 92101, United States

Customer Service GoFundme in Spanish

To find out about the media how to ask for donations online with assistance in Spanish and all the information you need in your own language; You will be able to resolve all your doubts and concerns regarding the services of this North American company. Below, find the contacts of the countries that provide Gofundine services in Spanish:

Gofundme Assistance Peru: go to the following link

Gofundme donations Venezuela: go to the following link

Gofundme fundraising in Mexico: go to the following link

Crowdfunding Colombia: in this link, (you will find the five best crowdfunding companies in Colombia).

Receive Gofundme donation Argentina: enter the link

gofundme Chili: Access the following link

How to get donations for a social project, foundation, company, NGO?

If you ever decide to start a project and want to receive contributions through GoFunding, you should seek advice and read some tips to request help for your venture or cause. Enter this link and review these 6 steps.

How to apply for humanitarian aid online?

Receive GoFundMe donations online by running a humanitarian aid campaign by entering here and following these steps.

  1. Click on “My campaigns” at the bottom and select your campaign
  2. Go to the “Manage” section of your campaign
  3. Scroll down and select “Donations”
  4. Select the (+) sign in the lower right corner
  5. Enter the donation information and press ‘Save’

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, the donor’s name, donation amount, and comment will appear on the campaign. You can send a thank you note to people who have donated to you online only through the app. More information.

GoFundme Assistance

In this GoFundme help center you can receive all the assistance regarding technical aspects. Enter this link now, and find the solution to your problems.

GoFundme Mobile App

Entering the following link, you can download the Gofundme smartphone application. Just by clicking, you will be redirected to the platform to download this application.

What are the best pages to donate money?

If you ever want to donate money to a cause, in this link you can find all the information to support a project or social cause.

What other companies donate money and are they the best Crowdfunding platforms?

Whenever you start a project you should always ask yourself what is the best platform to start your projects. In this link you can find all the necessary information.

Other pages for donation of money

Customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about the company you can access:

Official Web site

Facebook GoFundMe

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