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In business, the issue of data security is a major challenge. Having fallen into the wrong hands, they can quickly lead to damage and even bankruptcy. This is the reason why, you should not hesitate to go through professionals in the sector to protect yourself against the various potential threats.

Securing computer data goes through several stages. It is above all a question of securing the system at several levels, of setting up maintenance, a diagnosis with regular updates of the system, a backup of data and a technological watch.

This is why you will have every interest in going through professionals in the sector by going directly to the site Established in France, these specialists guarantee you secure accommodation while ensuring a local service with mobile teams throughout the territory. In addition, they will not hesitate to come directly to your company to offer you a tailor-made solution that corresponds exactly to your needs.

A local cloud service

Thanks to a very high-speed service offer and cloud solutions, these professionals also offer you the opportunity to take a leap forward in digital. For example, they can offer you a private cloud to guarantee total confidentiality and security of computer data. The big advantage of this system is that you keep full autonomy on your server and permanent control over your digital data.

But you can also opt for a hybrid cloud which will reduce costs while ensuring maximum security and flexibility. For healthcare companies, these specialists also offer HDS certified solutions to prevent patient personal data from falling into the wrong hands. On a daily basis, it is the assurance of being in compliance with the French administrative authority of the CNIL and of protecting private data subject to the breach of professional secrecy.

Opt for unified communication!

Finally, these professionals can also offer you a whole unified communication system with IP telephony rather than going through an operator. In addition, they can also install a fixed and mobile convergence system so that you can always be reached during your business trips or teleworking. With a single number, you only opt for a single subscription and a single billing while being reachable on several devices. In short, these professionals have only one goal: to simplify your life as much as possible with your IT equipment!

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