Gmail login: Since the time we have started using the internet, google chrome has become one of the most popular search engines amongst the rest. Without Google, the world would seem to be a place that would not exist on internet m. For every answer whether it is to find a riddle or to get the best websites to purchase automobiles everything, we have available online on google. Talking about google the next best thing that happens was the coming up of having your Gmail account.

Many people these days have Gmail account and even many websites would also ask that in order to log in we can either create a new id or sign in using the email address.

Gmail has actually become important and also become it is the most used Gmail account of times. Various services offered by Google Gmail and google maps are the most used.

Benefits and Key Features of Gmail Account

  1. Gmail is actually one of the free e-mail services of Google.
  2. It offers you a large storage space to store things
  3. Anything related to Gmail or synced with Gmail will help you to get back to your data even if you lose the device too
  4. It also helps to filter spam
  5. Having other services like Yahoo, outbox; Gmail has still made its mark with the best internet connection and high speed
  6. With its integration with google hangout’s, it becomes easier to make video and voice calls interactive
  7. You also get to have free POP and IMAP internet service protocols that makes the functioning of the app more clear and better
  8. You can easily search through Gmail with the help of talk transcriptions too that makes the work faster and easier
  9. The best part of all is that you also get offline access to Gmail which allows you to use it when you do not have an internet connection.
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We all look for something that could be used in common for all our online social media services and well Gmail is one that can be easily linked to every other social media service that is being used.

Gmail can be easily linked to all the website or applications so you really need not get confused for remembering the passwords that generally people have a tendency of forgetting.

Being amazed at so many features offered by the Gmail now you must be looking for the ways to register for the online Gmail service.

How to Register for the Online Gmail Account?

 It is easy to register for the online Gmail account. As Gmail has so many features and the best which is that it can be easily accessed offline and has a lot of space stored to keep the data makes it most approachable for all the persons using it whether for official work details or for the personal work

To Register for the Gmail Account

  • Click on
  • After clicking on the above link a new web page will be opened and you will be asked for signing in and signing up
  • Since you are a new user to the account click on sign up
  • You have to fill the details like first name, last name, date of birth, a mobile number you will be receiving an online password on your mobile for verification so make sure that you submit the right number
  • You will also be asked a few security questions like the name of the last school attended or a name of the best friend in order to verify the account if you forgot the id or the password
  • Also, a security email id for verification will be asked to fill in
  • Afterward, you will be asked to create a user id
  • The user id must be unique therefore you will be provided an email id by the Gmail once it checks the availability online
  • Write the captcha in the given space and click on submit
  • After the user id has been approved now you need to make a password
  • There are certain rules that must be followed by including the uppercase letter, digits, and symbols to make your password strong.
  • Once done, proceed further for the last step is to check the account activity, created actively.
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You can use the email id and password for logging in to the multiple devices too. Link your Facebook, YouTube, professional application everything with Gmail and forget the rest

You have the freedom to subscribe and unsubscribe the matter in order to receive the best option whenever you log in to your account.

How to Login to Gmail Account?

Well, login to your Gmail account is the best and the easiest thing one would know as it comes with so many features and also as one can log in through multiple devices using the app becomes much easier.

  1. To login to your Gmail account
  2. Click on
  3. You must by now have an online email address for Gmail and the password
  4. Type the email id and the password to login to the account, make sure before login you check the case sensitivity
  5. Now after typing the user id and the password click on submit

By this you will be logged in to your gmail account

You can follow the same procedure for logging in through any device. You will also be asked to keep a check on remember password option for the device!

In case if you choose the option to remember the password then you need not place your password every time you log in. But what if you have forgotten your password? Don’t worry as to solve that we do have the procedure

Forgotten Email Id or Password

Well, many times it happens that people keep an extra string password which in turn is so difficult to remember that they forgot. So if you have forgotten your password and wish to retain your account then follow the below given steps

  • Click on the Gmail account id and in the right-hand side at the last, you can see a link “Forgot Password”
  • After clicking on the link, you will be directed towards a new page
  • Here you will be asked the security question in case if you don’t remember the security questions too
  • Then you have to type the phone number on which you will get the verification code or you will be sent an email to the security email address that was asked at the time of registration
  • After typing the verification code you will ask to reset the new password and type it again
  • Once done click on submit
  • Now again go back to the home page and type the user email id and the password and login
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Gmail is one of the most used email engines of today’s generation. With so many features it becomes tough to resist holding an account on. The article covers the procedure to register for the Gmail account as well as the login process. Using the same user email id and the password you can easily log in to various devices.

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