Gift from Apple: 10 useful tips for your iPhone

Apple has a nice present for you: a video with 10 tips for your iPhone that you really shouldn’t miss. They’re short and sweet, so you’ll have to read (or watch!) them at lightning speed. Do you already know these tips?

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10 useful iPhone tips from Apple

In a video on YouTube, Apple gives ten useful tips for your iPhone. We’ve put all ten of them together for you.

calculator iphone

Tip 1: Delete numbers in the calculator app

When you have typed a wrong number in the Calculator app, it is possible to delete the last number typed. You do this by swiping left or right at the top of the screen.

Tip 2: Pin to Messages

In the Messages app it is possible to pin (pin) things like links to websites. Press and hold your finger on a website link (or other message) and then choose the option ‘Pin’. By the way, this only works if the other person is in your contact list.

stack widgets

Tip 3: stack widgets

Do you also find widgets so useful? But your screen fills up pretty quickly if you have multiple widgets on the screen. That is why it is useful that you can stack (on top of each other) widgets of the same size. Press and hold your finger on an empty spot until the icons start to vibrate. Then drag the widget onto another widget of the same size.

Tip 4: Drag multiple photos at once

Hold your finger on one of your photos in the photo app and drag the photo. While holding the photo, tap the remaining photos with your other finger to stack them. While holding the stack, switch to another app and release your finger in the new app.

stack photos iphone

Tip 5: replace text

If you regularly use certain abbreviations, it is useful to automatically replace them with another text. For example, it is possible to automatically replace ‘tz’ with ‘goodbye’. Open ‘Settings’ and tap ‘General > Keyboard > Text Replacement’. Tap the plus sign to add your own phrase and keyword.

Tip 6: use camera without unlocking iPhone

You don’t have to unlock the iPhone to use the camera. Swipe left on the lock screen to open the camera app.

document scanning notes

Tip 7: Scan document in Notes app

To scan a document in the Notes app, open a note. Tap the camera icon at the bottom and choose ‘Scan documents’. Then point the camera at the document you want to scan. Your iPhone will then automatically scan.

Tip 8: Copy text (from the real world)

In iOS 15 it is possible to copy (and paste) text from objects such as a menu card, the text on a van or an information board. Point the camera at the text and tap the scan icon at the bottom right. You must have the Livetext function turned on for this. You do this by tapping ‘Settings > General > Language & Region > Live Text’.

live text iPhone

Tip 9: quickly go to the first photo in the Photos app

There is a way to jump to the first photo in the Photos app at lightning speed. You do this by tapping the top of the screen of your iPhone if you have the photo overview open.

Tip 10: search quickly on your iPhone

To quickly search your iPhone, drag your finger down from the center of the screen. Then you can type your search term at the top.

10 helpful iPhone tips |  Apple Support

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