Generate Cryptocurrency Easily Using Masternodes

Just-Mining is a French company which offers various services to create cryptocurrency.

The company was created by Youtubeur Hasheur who offers excellent analysis on the world of cryptocurrency and its ecosystem.

The company started in 2017 with the sale of Cloud-Mining but for some time they have been offering the service of MasterNodes which in my opinion is rather interesting.

Another company has also launched into these services: Feel-Mining it is a direct competitor and both companies are healthy.

The MasterNodes service by Just-Mining & FeelMining

To know

This article is in no way investment advice. The goal is to introduce you to the MasterNodes. Only put in the money you are prepared to lose!

Presentation of MasterNodes

MasterNodes (called MasterNode) are generally 24/7 connected servers that allow transactions to be validated on the BlockChain.

To simplify the principle, here is how it works:

  • You must block a certain number of tokens on a server
  • In return, we redistribute tokens as rewards

Not all cryptocurrencies offer this kind of functionality. The best known being the Dash, it is the first Coin to offer the MasterNodes system.

We could compare it to a savings book (except that the return on investment is more interesting.)

Here is a presentation video:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Masternodes


  • The advantage is that you passively generate tokens on your wallet.
  • Thanks to Just-Mining we will see that it is very simple. The company takes care of all the installation / maintenance / token management part.
  • By aiming for the long term and an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency you can make real capital gains.
  • The tokens that you must “block” (in the jargon we call it collateral) can be recovered at any time according to certain cryptocurrencies.


  • Must have a significant number of tokens to block.
  • The investment can be colossal for the best cryptocurrencies. For the Dash you have to block 1000 tokens and at the current price it’s almost $ 100,000!
  • Setting up a MasterNode is difficult for those who are not comfortable with linux.
  • There are a lot of scams and better avoid cryptocurrencies that offer aberrant returns (+ 1000% – 5000% …)

To have information on the different cryptocurrencies that offer Masternodes, I recommend two reliable sites:

  • Masternodes.Online (Listing of cryptocurrencies with the yield, the amount needed to create a MasterNode)
  • Masternodes.Pro (The same but with other cryptocurrencies)

All alone like a grown-up

It is quite possible to set up a MasterNode yourself. To do this, you must meet the prerequisites:

  • The number of Tokens
  • Have a VPS server with an SSD (for memory and disk space you must read the prerequisites on the official website of the cryptocurrency)
  • Follow the installation guide (which can be more or less easy, the most difficult being Horizen).

So it will cost you time and money since you have to pay the VPS server monthly.

Installation by Just-Mining

The advantages of going through Just-Mining is that you won’t have to do anything and just pay.

Obviously the company will take a larger sum to create the MasterNode since a technician will have to configure it.

Also note that on all your earnings you have 5% which goes into the pocket of Just-Mining. Competitors do the same.

But it should be remembered that:

  • You don’t pay the VPS server every month and that can tip the balance because over time the BlockChain grows and you therefore need a bigger hard drive on your VPS server. The rental price will therefore increase!
  • Your MasterNode is ready in 72 hours and your winnings are credited every minute.
  • The company allows convert your earnings into another cryptocurrency
  • You can recover the “deposit” (the collateral) and it is they who provide it. No need to poke your way around the market places to collect the necessary tokens.

So we have a certain comfort in portfolio management. The price you pay for the MasterNode is paid once and your earnings are credited as long as the MasterNode is running.

MasterNode Just-Mining dashboard
This is what the DashBoard MasterNode looks like at Just-Mining
masterNode Just-Mining tariff
Example of prices. The prices are obviously indexed on the court of the Cryptocurrency.

For those who wish, you can also go to a shared MasterNode in order to limit your entry fees.

New Masternodes are available, others stop over time (rest assured your cryptos are kept).

If for most of the tokens won you can convert them into LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, this is not the case for all!

To know

Update 10/31/2019 – Recently you can convert the cryptocurrencies earned into another token.

Installation by Feel-Mining

Feel-Mining is a French company based in the Alps. It offers identical services to Just-Mining however I find that there are very interesting advantages compared to the Hasheur company.

  • Promotion codes to have -5% / -10% on your orders! (the Feel-Mining promo code WELCOME05)
  • Payment by Paypal
  • The start of a full masternode within 24 hours after purchase and from 5 minutes for a shared
  • The possibility of conversion on all cryptocurrencies
feel-mining page masternodes
Masternodes are numerous and serious

If you want to get started you can start with a shared Masternode.

It’s affordable and you can generate tokens 5 minutes after your purchase.

For any order you can go through my affiliate link Feel-Mining

Here is a video made by Cryptodidact and who dissects the world of Masternodes with Nicolas (Director of operations at Feel-Mining)

Is it profitable to invest in Masternodes?

Once again, it all depends on the market! Cryptocurrencies are very volatile so hard to say.

However, you have to see it as a long-term investment (a bit like a PEL / Livret A) and hoped to have invested in the right project.

For most Masternodes you can collect your deposit (collateral) and generate passive income.

If the crypto explodes it is the jackpot on the other hand if it sinks you will be the loser.

Only invest what you are prepared to lose! Overnight, cryptocurrency can be worth zero euros!

Finally, do not hesitate to use the comments to give your best information on Masternodes.

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