GarageBand For Windows 10: When it comes to choosing the best DAW app, one name comes to our mind and that’s GarageBand. Though it’s an iOS app, it’s hugely popular amongst all smartphone users. GarageBand for Android isn’t possible because it’s directly from Apple’s tech incubation! Well, our tech fellows have found some ways to run GarageBand for PC, yes, you have heard right. We are talking about running GarageBand on Windows 10.


We all know that using Android emulator, we can run Android apps on Windows but for iOS app, what we should use? Because frankly speaking, there’s hardly any iOS emulator in the market. All are iOS simulators.

Before checking the process involved with running the iOS app on Windows, let’s have a little discussion about the GarageBand app.

But how is it possible?

We all know that using Android emulator, we can run Android apps on Windows but for iOS app, what we should use? Because frankly speaking, there’s hardly any iOS emulator in the market. All are iOS simulators.

Before checking the process involved with running the iOS app on Windows, let’s have a little discussion about the GarageBand app.

Garageband for Windows 10 – App Features

It is fully featured with hundreds of options that allow users to create podcasts and music of top-class quality for any purposes. It offers every user a very fantastic learning curve and even a novice can use it and create something amazing and melodious tunes, and we love it most as a user.

Let’s Have a Look at the Features That May Pull the Chords of Your Hearts-

  • It has many loops that really help in the creation of amazing tunes
  • The inbuilt MIDI keyboards are awesome and this help to create multiple tracks on the go!
  • There’re a lot of instrumental effects which may be used to create something better than ever!
  • Check You can even mix songs and become the house DJ easily, who knows, with that talent you may create something blockbuster also!

Garageband for Windows 10, Official Version?

Unfortunately, there’s no official version of GarageBand for Windows. It’s only available for iOS and Mac. So, without Apple devices, we can’t run it anywhere else. But our geeky techie fellows have discovered an extraordinary way out of this that enables users running this app on PC, it even works for latest Windows 10 also!

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Why is GarageBand So Popular?

Well, there’re a lot of things what’re needed to be taken into consideration. First of all, it’s really difficult to find out a similar app that has so many options built-in like GarageBand. The fine thing that makes this app popular, that’s it actually makes a bridge between amateur and professional music creator or mixer! With this app, you can do everything you wanted to do with a classy music app.

Mixcraft vs GarageBand

Though Windows has its own Mixcraft for music creation we, the music lovers don’t want to be settled down anything less than perfect and that’s why users of GarageBand want to use the app on Windows platform. Because on Windows, we all are familiar with everything and most of us still find Windows better than Mac in many ways, especially if you have been a Windows user for a long time.

Is There Any Apk Version of Garageband?

We are sorry to say but there’s no such version until now. GarageBand is an exclusive app developed for the iOS users. We know that many users want that on Android because of its spectacular features of music mixing. There’re a lot of apps that can be an alternative of GarageBand app but as far as the official GarageBand is concerned, it may not make its way for Android in future. So searching for GarageBand apk is nothing but putting your efforts in vain.

Why Do We Want to Run a DAW App on Pc?

Well, that’s the million dollar question of course. There’re a lot of issues involved behind wanting an app running on Windows system. Different people indicate different things. We have mentioned some of those here in below.

 On the bigger screen, you will get screen clarity and control the things become easier.

As the whole Android screen gets emulated on the PC screen it’s easier to identify things through the keys.

Sometimes working on PC is easier than working on a mobile especially if you are working for a long time.

GarageBand for PC – Bluestacks Method!

Bluestacks is a famous Android emulator. It has many intriguing features in it. But it can run Android apps only. Till now, there’s no known way to run an iOS app like GarageBand on Windows via Bluestacks. Many sites claim that they have some process of tweaking but trust us, it has no such way. The claims are fully false and it will keep you revolving into the same loop once you start. So don’t go with those processes. Have a look at the process we have covered. It has been a proven process for some iOS apps. We are emphasizing on the line “for some iOS apps” that means all iOS apps don’t run here. Fortunately, it supports GarageBand till its last update. So, it’s more reliable than the fake Blustacks process doubtlessly

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Why we recommend Bluestacks: Bluestacks is considered as the forefather of all Android emulator and trust me till now it has been the most popular emulator. It has a huge user base and a lot of forums to get help from easily. Other emulators fail here. But for an iOS app, we are not sure how to emulate it.

GarageBand for PC Without Bluestacks Process!

Many of us get confused when we come to know about a process that’s labeled with “without Bluestacks” process. Actually this kind of a process involved in a process that doesn’t interfere with Bluestacks in any way. There’s much other similar software like Bluestacks- Andy, Youwave etc. But there all are Android emulator work similarly with Bluestacks. Like Bluestacks, these can’t tun GarageBand at all because it’s an iOS app and using it on Windows requires something different than Bluestacks.

How to Run Garageband on Windows – Step by Step!

Making the way through the Windows OS, we need to install ancillary software otherwise we can’t run an app that’s coded for iOS and Mac actually because installation process and execution is different in these two operating systems.

Then, which software we should use so that the GarageBand app works fine on Windows?

There is a couple of software that can make this impossible thing happen. But the best two are- (a) Rare and (2) which is an online tool.

Rare is a software that enables users to install and run some iOS apps, fortunately, it works for GarageBand also. Rare proves itself very rare for GarageBand lovers, now you are just a click away from playing this awesome DAW app on your favorite Windows PC.

#Note: It may not work for all iOS and Mac app but works for GarageBand like a charm!

Some Cautions: We want to project some cautions that are needed to be maintained while doing the above-mentioned process. First of all, make sure that Rare supports the iOS version you are using otherwise we recommend Jail-breaking and upgrade or downgrade the OS and finally, put your mobile in flight mode while doing the mixing using rare.

Is There Any Better Alternative for the Garageband on Android?

If someone asks for any recommendation on GarageBand alternative for Android, we always prefer Music Jam over other apps. It’s a kind of app where even a novice can start his music mixing experience easily without much hands-on help.

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Without any extra research, you can create jazz, hip-hop, rock music on it. The best part is that you don’t need to know music in depth like the notations and all to create something beautiful here. More than 1000 types of elements are decked on it and using these preset settings we can generate a lot of music loops with a little bit of effort. Here we have presented an at a glance of this app so that you can get a clear idea of it.

  • The app is designed to be most users friendly and intuitive to operate.
  • More than 70 musical genres like drum, metal etc are there to choose from
  • A huge number of designs you can put to make it a custom design.

And you can run this app on Windows using any Android emulator of your choice. Just download the latest emulator on PC and install that without customizing any installation setting. Upload the apk downloaded or you can have a search as this app is available on the Play Store as well. Render it and start creating some mesmerizing music we haven’t heard before. Let the musician in you come out.

Wrap up

It’s incredibly fast and installs the app in a few seconds. Always remember one thing, when you are running GarageBand for Windows 10, close all the other applications even if those are running in the background. Though GarageBand isn’t a resource intensive app, we need to take care of all because after all, we are running something out of its native environment.

With, it becomes somewhat easier because everything happens online and once you upload the file, it automatically parses the file and starts the app, but, it works online only. For offline users, it won’t help. So using Rare is the best way out to play this iOS DAW app on the latest Windows system.

BRAVOO.. You are done with the complete guide to run the best iOS DAW app GarageBand for Windows 10 that actually works. Get the best out of it and share with your buddies.

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