56 Best Games like Huniepop [2020]

Best Games like Huniepop 2020- In the fun-filled world, you can find out lots of awesome puzzle games online, but Huniepop gets more fame among adult individuals because of its unique gaming features. The central theme of huniepop games is title matching and dating simulation. As the prominent and exclusive game for Android and iOS devices, Huniepop brings unparalleled experience to the players. The increased level of excitement and unique experience encourage individuals to find out more puzzle games similar to Huniepop.

Top Best games huniepop 2020:

The games like huniepop 2018 are the games which are entirely about the adult puzzle games. This post shares a list of games similar to these adult puzzle games. It is good news for puzzle lovers that these games are accessible on different versions of your smartphone.

  1. Roommates
Games like Huniepop
Games like Huniepop

This visual novel sport is an excellent Huniepop alternative that comes under this similar category.  You can enjoy this game on leading operating systems, including iOS and Android. It is one of the single-player puzzles so that you can select the protagonist either from Mane or Anne, based on your gender.  Anne is a studious and shy type of girl, while the max is a singer and guitarist as well as a rebel type of guy. The first college day is a starting part of this game. In this game, the players need to share their home with roommates. If you follow things precisely, you can get more enjoyment.

  1. Kitty Powers Matchmaker
Games like Huniepop
Games like Huniepop

It is one of the games like huniepop android. Kitty Powers Matchmaker is developed and published by Magic Notion and Mastertronic Group, respectively.  It not only supports the Android operating system but also works well on Windows, OS and even iOS platforms. The main idea of this game is matchmaking. In this game, the players require sharing their character data to another. Along with this, you can find two perfect individuals before customising the characters. This feature makes it unique from other games.


  1. The Flower Shop
Best Games like Huniepop
Best Games like Huniepop

It is an excellent game developed by Winter Wolves. You will be surprised while playing this game because it is similar to Huniepop. You can enjoy this puzzle game on various platforms, including Windows, Android, Linux, and IOS.  It is a single-player game, but it will facilitate a fantastic blend of farming and visual novel mini-game. The vast number of characters is the main highlight of the Flower Shop.

  1. Mystic Messenger
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huniepop games
huniepop games

Are you looking for a female-oriented puzzle game similar to Huniepop? Mystic Messenger is the right pick for your needs. It is a beautiful game from Cheritz. This romance-based game is a single-player game.

  1. Triple Town

Do want to play puzzle and role-playing game? Triple Town is a perfect choice for your gaming needs. It is a single-player and exciting video game that is published by the SpryFox team.  It is the most outstanding and exciting puzzle game similar to Huniepop comes. When it comes to its gameplay, it includes a series of beautiful levels that are truly enjoyable.

  1. Puzzle Quest

If you are interested in trying a role-playing and action-puzzle game, you can opt for Puzzle Question. This multiplayer and single video game is developed and published by the Infinite Interactive and D3 Publisher. As a player, you need to get into the role of a protagonist. The challenging levels of this game make Puzzle Quest the best for everyone.

  1. Dandelion

It is another best puzzle-like Huniepop. This is a dating simulation game type. The unique special features of this game is that it has an epic different process and storyline. This dandelion game is entirely about the story of a girl. She is a busty girl who does not have enough time to stay pleased. The ending of this game is based on what type of guy selects. This cute and lovely dating game is ideal for an adult.

  1. Battle camp

It is one of the games like huniepop for iPhone. The players of this game go to the summer camp conducted in the green forest.  It is the place where you need to battle against lots of trainers. Its gameplay resembles both Dragons and Puzzles. You can attack the monsters by merely creating the matching of 3 or more similar symbols on a game board.

  1. Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance is an attractive puzzle game similar to Huniepop. It follows Rance, who is a ruthless warrior. He is not identical to other main characters present in the standard games.  With an exciting range of features, this adult game appears as an ideal puzzle sport all the time.  The stunning graphics and specialised gameplay will bring players a matchless experience while trying this puzzle game.

  1. Spirit Stones

You can enjoy the journey across five hundred incredible stages in this quest for saving Brikeaz. The players have to assemble their team as well as dominate their puzzle board. You can connect a well as compete with your opponent players around the globe. It is a marriage of new styles that works. This puzzle game blows all doors off with the help of habit-forming and deck-building combat.

  1. Battle Gems
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There are many single-player puzzle games available, but battle gems will bring players some added fun and entertainment. This single-player, turn-based strategy and Match-3 puzzle game is an excellent pack of entertainment.  At the starting of this game, you can get a few dragons that will aid you in playing this entire game. The specialised gameplay and impressive graphics will bring you excellent playing experience. The colourful puzzle game not only gives you a pleasing experience but also treats your eyes.

  1. Dungeon Raid

It is another popular puzzle game similar to Huniepop. Even though it is a simple puzzle game, but it will offer you an enjoyable experience.  In this game, you require solving the entire puzzle.  You can try this game during your leisure hours for relaxing your mind and getting rid of work pressure. The overall gameplay is fascinating and funny so that you can try a dungeon raid without any uncertainty.

  1. Shira Oka: Second Chances

It is a highly preferred game similar to Huniepop. The high school plot is the main attraction of this game that grabs the attention of adult individuals towards it. Also, this game has many refreshing features and human characters who are significantly competent individuals. It involves both in-depth role-playing and story-telling.  In this game, you can enjoy numerous options.  Also, you can get a fantastic chance to enjoy an array of mini-games. The school visuals of this game give a charming appeal to this game.

  1. Little Witch Romanesque

The game series includes an array of mini-games. It is an anime-style sport that consists of a beautiful storyline.  In this game, you need to mentor two young witches. Also, you can teach the witches many new skills, give them specific tasks, train them properly. It also includes a few adult scenes.

  1. Celestial Crossing

Celestial Crossing is a beautiful visual novel type of game similar to Huniepop. It is the best place where you can enjoy your time in both fantasies as well as various reality projections. The main goal of a player is to create intelligent and healthy characters. The character name of this name is Hikaru who likes to play many favourite games during the night and sleeps well all day.

  1. Disco Zoo
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Disco Zoo is the most outstanding and exciting game which allows you to travel to various regions across the world.

Along with this, the players need to collect everything that ranges from dinosaurs to pigs for the Disco Zoo. You can discover the hidden animal species through casual puzzle play options.  You can manage as well as expand the zoo for increasing the earnings.  The exciting gameplay will bring you lots of fun.

  1. C-14 Dating

If you look for the best dating simulation game, you can choose C-14 dating. The specific feature of this game is that it combines love, friendship, and archaeology. Melissa Flores is the main character of this game.  She studies the stream of anthropology in the summertime internship.  This process happens in Belgium out of the comfort zone. It means that the character becomes nerve-racking and unfamiliar. If you are following the guidelines, you can find friendships and earn romances.

  1. Conception II: Children of Seven Stars
Conception II: Children of Seven Stars games
Design II: Children of Seven Stars games

It is a beautiful roleplaying game. It is the right place where you can get a chance to enjoy various aspects like Huniepop. Spike Chunsoft develops it. It supports multiple platforms like Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo 3DS. It is a single-player game.

  1. Puzzle Fighter
Puzzle Fighter
Puzzle Fighter

It is a famous puzzle game which is like Huniepop. In this game, you have to control the pair of blocks which drop into the pit-like playfield. The gems are eliminated by merely coming into direct contact with the Crush Gem of a similar colour.

  1. Spellfall

It is an excellent tile-matching puzzle sport where players cast the magical spells for defeating the evil monsters. You will also master some new spells, develop more powerful as well as get new tools to assist in the fight.


If you really want to enjoy your free time excitingly, you can look at the above list of games like huniepop games. You can try these adult games to have more fun.

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