Gamer’s Heaven…Introducing the Razer Smart Home, an app that connects your home’s lights to RGB.

It has almost become a unique identity for gamers. For devices that require blinking RGB lights on computer cases, notebooks, keyboards, mice, headphones, etc. Whoever likes to play games but doesn’t have a device with RGB lights, this is not for gamers. (That size…) One of the camps that almost every product must have RGB lights is Razer itself… which recently launched a mobile app. Razer Smart Home that allows users to connect smart devices in the house to play RGB lights in sync with the PC that is in use too.

Razer Smart Home is a mobile app for Android and iOS that comes with the ability to connect gaming devices that support the Razer Chroma RGB features such as mice, keyboards, notebooks, etc. to sync RGB lighting to the same color display. and blinking in the same rhythm

But what’s special is that it can also connect to other smart devices that join Razer. In the first phase, it will connect to smart light bulbs.To show colors and flashes in the same way as the main device is a PC or notebook. Now there are many smart device camps that are interested in joining, such as Yeelight (of Xiaomi), Nanoleaf, LIFX, Monster, Twinkly and after this, there will be many other camps to follow.


Unfortunately, Razer hasn’t shown any cool features in the Razer Smart Home app yet, just a screenshot of the app to show how we can set up individual lamps for each room. With the Routine setup, I haven’t seen any other options as to how many other smart devices it will support.

The Razer Smart Home app will be available for download on both Android and iOS in the first half of 2022… Gamers are ready to turn their entire home’s light bulbs into smart bulbs.

source: Razer