Game company PUBG filed a lawsuit against Free Fire for plagiarism, and sued Google, Apple for letting the game go to the Store.

Krafton, the developer of popular Battle Royale games like PUBG and PUBG Mobile File a lawsuit against developers of the same mobile game, Free Fire. and Free Fire Max for plagiarizing the PUBG series It also spread to sue Google and Apple for agreeing to release Free Fire games on the Play Store and App Store as well.

Krafton clarified about the filing, saying: “Free Fire and Free Fire Max (developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena) are gameplay similar to the PUBG series in many respects, from the start of the game to parachuting down. (The gameplay that has to be parachuted down, Krafton has trademarked it as well), game design and gameplay, weapons, armor, game locations, color and textures in the game. It has the same overview as PUBG games.”

PUBG (Left) / Free Fire (Right)

Krafton has also alleged that Garena has made hundreds of millions of dollars from the Free Fire series. From the release of the game for download on the Play Store and the App Store, Google and Apple have also earned quite a bit of revenue from the Free Fire series.

Krafton claims that on December 21, 2021, the company notified Garena of the matter, but Garena declined, and Krafton also told Google and Apple to remove the game from its online app store. Also…but so far, Free Fire and Free Fire Max games are still available as normal downloads on the Play Store and the App Store.

That’s not all…Krafton is also asking YouTube to remove a video clip featuring the Free Fire series gameplay along with a Chinese cinematic video. Biubiubiu Almost 2 hours long, with the story and pirated images of the PUBG game, but YouTube is still indifferent. (The film director has denied that it’s not a movie about PUBG, but look at it, it’s PUBG, haha.)

Based on surveys through mobile app data analytics websites. Appfigures Found that now the Free Fire series of games is getting more and more players and revenue from the PUBG series. PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG versions are only available in China and India now. Can make a combined income in 2021 to more than 639 million US dollars. The Free Fire game series grossed $414 million.

Neither Google nor Apple have released any information about the Krafton lawsuit, and Garena spokesperson said Krafton’s allegations were “unreasonable and the evidence is strong enough to sue.” We have to wait and see how this story ends.

Source: Theverge