Free Word and Excel for Windows 10

The Microsoft Office office suite has always been paid for, there has never been a free version and that explains the number of pirate copies lying around on the Internet. Non-paying alternatives (LibreOffice, OpenOffice) are generally not satisfactory to Windows users, who are often quite used to opening Word and Excel instead of equivalent software.

There had existed, for some time, an “Office 2010 Starter” version which offered Word and Excel applications free of charge, in return for a small advertising insert. This free edition did not last long and Microsoft did not follow through. Note that there was also Windows 7 Starter which has not had a successor.

WindowsFacile has already shared this good plan to have the free Office 2010 pack on Windows 7. Unfortunately, this tutorial was not suitable for Windows 10. Problem solved with a solution for download, install and use the free Office pack on Windows 10. This is not piracy, this solution is legal and was offered by Microsoft. A simple and effective way to make your CV, write a termination letter or write a cooking recipe.

Only Word and Excel software are offered, respectively word processing and spreadsheet software, without providing Outlook, Publisher or Access. To view PowerPoint documents, you can download free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer to open PPS, PPSX, PPT and PPTX files.

Download Office 2010 Free for Windows 10

1. Download the setup for the free Office 2010 pack.

Download “Microsoft Office Starter 2010 (Free)” microsoft_office_starter_2010_fr.exe – Downloaded 4097345 times – 2 MB

2. Download free Windows 10 patch for Office 2010 (this is the file KB2598285).

Download “Free Windows 10 Office 2010 Patch” patch_office2010_windows10_kb2598285.exe – Downloaded 781256 times – 25 MB

Install Free Office 2010 for Windows 10

1. Go to the ” Downloads From Windows.

2. Right click on the downloaded file ” microsoft_office_starter_2010_fr “And choose” Execute as administrator “:

Windows 10 Free Office Pack Download Tutorial

3. The installation starts automatically and lasts a few minutes, depending on the speed of the internet connection.

Windows 10 Free Office Pack Download Tutorial

4. Word and Excel “Starter 2010” programs are added to the Start menu.

Windows 10 Free Office Pack Download Tutorial

Do not open them, otherwise you will receive the following error message:

Windows 10 Free Office Pack Download Tutorial

5. Return to the “ Downloads ” and double click on ” patch_office2010_windows10_kb2598285 “:

Windows 10 Free Office Pack Download Tutorial

6. Check line ” Click here to accept the terms of the contract “And validate by” To continue “:

tutorial install free Office pack Windows 10

7. At the end of the installation of this patch, validate with ” Yes »Restart the system to restart Windows.

tutorial install free Office pack Windows 10

Open and configure Word and Excel

1. Start the Word program from the Windows Start menu.

tutorial install free Office pack Windows 10

2. Check or modify the username and the initials proposed. This information will be used to identify documents created in Word and Excel.

tutorial install free Office pack Windows 10

3. Accept the Microsoft Office License Agreement.

tutorial install free Office pack Windows 10

4. Check ” Use recommended settings »And validate by okay.

free Microsoft Office tutorial Windows 10

5. Choose ” Office Open XML Formats »And continue with okay.

free Microsoft Office tutorial Windows 10

6. The Word software is now operational (and free). A small advertising insert is located at the bottom right, it does not interfere with a laptop screen or desktop monitor.

Free Microsoft Office Tutorial Windows 10 Word

7. Open Excel to verify that it is working properly.

Free Microsoft Office Windows 10 Excel Tutorial

8. Free Office 2010 Starter Pack is fully operational with Microsoft World and Exel!

What about PowerPoint?

OK for Word and Excel, but PowerPoint? There is no free full version of the PowerPoint software, but Microsoft does provide a free PPS and PPT slide show player: the PowerPoint Viewer.

Download “PowerPoint Viewer” PowerPointViewer.exe – Downloaded 535857 times – 60 MB

A problem ?

A problem during the installation? Come and detail your configuration to receive help on the WindowsEasy forum (you will not get an answer in the comments below):

  • Exact version of Windows
  • Other version of Microsoft Office installed
  • Exact error message displayed
  • At which step of the tutorial the error occurs

There is an installation problem when the computer is behind a proxy. Disable the Windows proxy (or via IE), connect to the internet with a direct connection and try the step-by-step installation again.

Another network problem caused by the IPv6 protocol: tutorial to disable IPv6 on Windows 10 network connection.

One more possibility to resolve the problem: the presence of a newer Microsoft Office component that was shipped with the computer. On Windows 10, PC manufacturers (Dell, Asus, Packard Bell, Toshiba, HP, Acer, Samsung, etc.) have contracts to preinstall a version of the Office pack so that customers can purchase an Office 365 Personal or Home subscription. Follow this procedure for uninstalling the integrated software and thus be able to install the free Office Starter pack.

We also notice a problem if your PC does not have the latest version of .NET Framework. Create a subject on the forum to know how to proceed according to your configuration.

Note: we can read on the internet that Microsoft has put an end to this free version of Office 2010. This is not the case, the proof with the successful installation on a “brand new” Windows 10 computer in update 1909, just by following this tutorial to the letter. There is also no reason why this free software will no longer work in 2020.