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Mercado Libre Uruguay Contact Telephone and Email

Call the telephone number or free hotline or toll free (01800) from Free Market Uruguay for service information of purchases, sales and payments by Internet, complaints/claims, questions, requests and others.

platform Free Market in Uruguay has other channels in case you cannot communicate on the customer service line. Below are the links to Mercado Libre Argentina’s social networks and website. There you can also find telephone numbers, addresses, service centers, technical assistance and other information about the company.

Telephone Free Market Uruguay

To contact the Mercado Libre Uruguay customer service number, you must contact the Mercado Libre branch in Uruguay, contact the Global Service Platform – Aguda Park, at the telephone number (+598) 2927 2000, located at the address Paraguay 2141, Montevideo, Uruguay, you can also communicate via email [email protected]

Contact Free Market Uruguay in Social Networks

You can communicate through the contact mail and Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook of Mercado Libre for customer services, claims, payment problems, user support to the following links

Free market is an Argentine company dedicated to purchases between users registered to its Internet purchase, sales and payment service.

The free market customer service operators in Uruguay are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about the company you can access:

Free Market Uruguay Website

Facebook Free Market Uruguay

Twitter Free Market Uruguay

Instagram Free Market Uruguay

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