Force Windows 10 October Update 1809

If you don’t want to wait until Windows Update offers to download and install update 1809 for Windows 10, there is an alternative method to force the installation of the October 2018 update and thus decide when the computer will be unavailable. Windows Update acts at its own discretion to upgrade the operating system. The hours of activity are surely respected, but the downloading and preparation part of the update takes up computer resources and consumes internet bandwidth, perhaps moreover that of a 3G / 4G connection sharing.

In order not to undergo the installation but to choose when it will be done, this tutorial shows how force installation of October Update 1809 for Windows 10 on computers and tablets, whether W10 Home, Pro or Business. Thus, it is not recommended to perform this operation on a weak or public internet connection, nor before actually needing the computer. You should therefore avoid installing the update at the start of the working day or ten minutes before wanting to watch a series on Netflix.

Manually download Windows 10 October Update 1809

1. Download this free tool Microsoft for updating Windows 10 to October Update 1809.

Download “Windows 10 October Update 1809” Windows10ou1809.exe – Downloaded 14431 times – 6 MB

2. To open the downloaded file Windows10ou1809.exe

3. “Do you want to authorize this application…? “: Yes

4. On the “Update to the latest version of Windows 10” screen: click on Update now.

5. A summary confirms that the computer is compatible (processor, RAM and free hard disk space).

6. The update preparation is done gradually: download, …… .. This step can be long depending on the internet connection speed and the performance of the machine.

Windows 10 October Update 1809 update tutorial

7. After this time of patience, the update is ready and the PC must be restarted. A 30-minute countdown will automatically reboot the machine but it can be done manually by clicking on Restart now. The computer will be unavailable for the duration of the restart to install the Windows major update.

Windows 10 Update tutorial

8. Long minutes have passed and the operating system returns to the Windows desktop or to the session password entry screen. A welcome message shows that the update operation was successful. You can use your computer in the usual way again.

If questions are asked on a blue screen background, go to this page from step 6 to find out what to answer.

Windows 10 Update Edge update tutorial

9. A quick tour of the system information will confirm version 1809 October Update, also known as Windows 10 version 17763.1. The installation date corresponds to the installation of the last major update, not to the original one of the system. operation.

Windows 10 October Update 1809 October