Fix slow AMD processors on Windows 11

Microsoft released Windows version KB5006746 with a fix for AMD processors on Windows 11. If you are dealing with L3 cache issue on your PC, you will need to install this optional update.

amd ryzen chip - fix slow AMD processors on Windows 11

This update is considered a C update, which means that Microsoft will not install it on your computer automatically. Instead, you will need to go to Windows Update on your computer and click on Check for updates manually. Once you do that, find and install the update named KB5006746.

According to Reddit user adrianturingan, the update improved the L3 cache issue on their PC, so it appears to work as advertised. This makes sense, since Microsoft first rolled out this update to Windows Insiders a few days ago, so they’ve had time to test it out and make sure it does what it’s intended to do.

KB5006746 e1634839463255 - Fix slow AMD processors on Windows 11

The Microsoft support page reads, “Addresses an L3 caching issue that may affect performance in some applications on devices with AMD Ryzen processors after upgrading to Windows 11 (original version).”

There are a lot of other fixes and improvements in this update, but there are no security fixes since it is considered a C update. If you are not actively experiencing any of the issues listed in the patch notes, you can safely wait for this update to become a B update and install automatically on your device. your computer.

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