Firefox does not start anymore? Here is how to fix the problem

Stupor this morning, many users are having problems with the FIREFOX browser. Indeed the little fox seems not to want to work.

Fortunately there is a workaround , this problem reminds me of Google Chrome and its AIE AIE AIE.

So if your browser Firefox no longer launches try the following manipulations.

Firefox is having a problem with infinite loop , the problem seems to be located at the HTTP / 3 protocol.

Due to bug the browser no longer opens on your Windows computer.

Difficult to know what is really going on but the bug has been reported

To work around the problem here is the first solution:

Open your Firefox browser then type in the address bar the command about: config

firefox about config
Confirm the warning message.

Then we will modify the following value network.http.http3.enable

firefox network http3

Double click on the value for the go to false state !

firefox http3 false

Close Firefox and relaunch it, it should work!

Other Handling: Firefox and data collection

To improve its browser, Mozilla collects anonymous data from its users. Obviously you must give your consent, however it seems that the collection of data affects the browser. So you must disable data collection on Firefox.

We are therefore going to modify the browser settings. You have to go to the Settings menu then Privacy and Security

firefox data collection
You have to uncheck the boxes.
data collection disabled firefox
The boxes are unchecked.

Restart the browser, it should work.

According to user feedback, it is mainly this solution that works.