Find your Revolut RIB

Society known as fintech, Revolut is an online bank like N26 and a few others that are trying to revolutionize the banking world. With an entry cost of zero and no account maintenance fees, while benefiting from a MasterCard or Visa card and a very practical mobile application, Revolut also knows how to convince its customers by the absence of fees during payments or withdrawals abroad, even in another currency. The British neobank has since taken up residence in Lithuania for its European clients, because of Brexit. In 2020, Revolut’s valuation was $ 5.5 billion.

To receive a transfer from a friend, receive their salary or manage direct debits, you need what is simply called a RIB. The Bank Identity Statement is the international identifier of a bank account. Easy to obtain most of the time, this is what you need to give to your correspondents to receive a transfer to collect a salary, pay an invoice, subscribe to a paid service, or simply participate in a gift from birthday together.

Except that in the Revolut mobile application, it is quite complicated to know where the RIB is located. This tutorial exists to show how to find your bank details on the Revolut app, whether on iPhone and Android. A basic need but difficult to find, especially since you always need it at the moment and you don’t think about it in advance when you have nothing to do, slumped on the sofa. Where is Revolut’s RIB information hidden? Answer below.

Obtain the RIB IBAN of a Revolut account

1. Open theRevolut mobile app and to identify.

2. Press theyour initials icon to open your Revolut profile:

Revolut profile tutorial

3. Then press the icon of cogwheel, at the top right of the screen:

Revolut account settings tutorial

4. At this moment, two possibilities:

Revolut tutorial information documents

  • Obtain a RIB IBAN ready to print or send to be printed.

To push on ” Documents »Then on« Account confirmation (RIB) »: You can print the document live if the phone is connected to a printer, or save it in PDF format (print it in PDF) to send it to someone or to an organization.

Revolut tutorial RIB account information

  • View account IBAN information and share it live by email, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc..

To push on ” Account Info »Then on the currency of the RIB to obtain (Euro). There, beneficiary information, IBAN code and BIC are displayed and can be quickly shared. This is valid for a LOCAL or SWIFT IBAN as needed (explanations are given on the pages in question).

tutorial Revolut currency euro dollar

Revolut RIB IBAN tutorial