Find Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 11

You tested Windows 11 ? Have you noticed that the photo viewer is modern and not necessarily very ergonomic …

Fortunately a few months ago I made a tutorial to find Windows photo viewer classic on Windows 10

This tutorial explains the steps to restore Windows Photo Viewer to new Windows 11 system.

Why find the photo viewer on Windows 11?

Photo Viewer on Windows 11 is the same as Windows 10. In fact, the two systems are similar, so we have the same applications.

Admittedly, this viewer is not necessarily very ergonomic and it is often shunned by users.

Microsoft did not remove the photo viewer, however. that we could have on Windows 7

It is simply “deactivate”.

Windows viewer presentation
This is what the “photo viewer” app looks like on Windows 7.

For those who have not tested Windows 11 here is the photo viewer offered:

Windows 11 photo viewer
Yes it is the same as Windows 10.

Steps to reinstall Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 11

The procedure is identical to the tutorial for Windows 10. A simple modification of the registry key allows you to find the photo viewer.

Step 1 – Modifying a registry key

To activate the viewer it is necessary to modify registry keys in the Windows 11 system. To make it as easy as possible for you, I provide you with two .reg files.

  • A file activates the photo viewer
  • A file is used to deactivate the photo viewer

Download Windows 11 Viewer Package

Once the content has been downloaded, it must be unzipped.

In the folder click on the file activate-viewer.reg

activate windows viewer

Validate the modification of the keys in the Windows registry.

add windows registry key

register validation ok

You do not need to restart your computer.

Step 2 – Change the default application for image files

The photo viewer being accessible, we will associate the image files (png, jpg, bmp ..) with this application.

Make a right click on image files then choose open with and finally choose other application:

Then choose More applications then Windows Photo Viewer and always check open files with this app

Default Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 11

You must redo the operation on your different image file formats such as .png / .jpeg /.jpg

Now in theWindows explorer you can open image extensions files with Windows 7 photo viewer.

To go back you can just use the file deactivate-viewer.reg

The tutorial is carried out on the last preview of Windows 11 (beta version)

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