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Over the course of the updates Windows 10 gradually abandoned its classic control panel. The new interface is called Setting. But even if Microsoft tries to hide it, it is possible to use the control panel “classic” or “legacy ‘”

It is the same with the brand new Windows 11 system

here is a quick and very simple tutorial to find the classic control panel both on Windows 10 but also on Windows 11.

The new control panel

In Windows 10

For your information here is what is called the “new control panel”

It is accessible from the Start menu then the cogwheel on Windows 10

windows 10 control panel
The star wheel takes us to the new generation control panel

windows 10 control panel 1703
The control panel in Windows 10.

It is supposed to be easier to learn and easier to understand. Obviously it takes a little getting used to.

Microsoft prefers to talk about the settings panel here.

In Windows 11

Windows 11 has modernized its interface, to display the parameters menu you have to click on the Windows button then choose the menu “Settings

windows 11 settings
The Settings menu is very modern

Access the classic control panel

Fastest method

The easiest and fastest way to get the Windows control panel menus is to press Windows + R and of enter in the “control” window

This trick works for both Windows 10 and Windows 11

control panel windows 10

By validating with OK you open the configuration panel.

control panel on Windows 11
Here is the control panel on Windows 11

Classic method for Windows 10 and Windows 11

Previously he was accessible by right-clicking on the Start menu and then clicking on control panel

Windows 10 Access Control Panel

Over the updates this menu has disappeared! On Windows 11 we can’t even find it anymore …

To add it is very simple. We’re going use the search engine and type “Control Panel”

Then right-click on the result and choose “Pin to taskbar”

classic control panel
a simple search allows you to find the classic control panel

For Windows 11 it’s pretty intuitive, see for yourself:

control panel shortcut

THE’access will simply by the taskbar but you can also open it by searching as above.

control panel in the taskbar

Add a desktop shortcut

Desktop shortcut on Windows 10

Another solution that has been given by a reader is to put the shortcut on the desktop instead of the taskbar. The operation is identical but instead of choosing “Pin to the taskbar” we will find its location and then create a shortcut on the desktop.

control panel open file location

We have the control panel element. Done right-click then send to Desktop (create a shortcut).

control panel make a shortcut on the desktop
creation of the shortcut on the desktop.

The shortcut will be on the Desktop, double click on it to access the control panel.

control panel with desktop shortcut

Control Panel shortcut on the Windows 11 desktop

The method is the same:

windows 11 file location

A small subtlety, on Windows 11 when you right-click you must choose “more options“to add the shortcut to the desktop.

Windows 11 show more options

Then choose “send to” and “Office”

windows 11 send to desktop

Hoping you won’t get too lost with the new Windows 11 interface.

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