FIFA game threatened with ban on Xbox and Playstation!

It is clear that the consequences of the scandals of the “FIFA” organization will also have a great impact on other closely related areas, including the electronic football game “FIFA”, where it has become possible to ban this game on the Xbox and PlayStation gaming platforms.

FIFA game threatened with ban on Xbox and Playstation!  - Online Games News

Corruption scandals have covered the world of football in the past period, which is what The most important figure in the world of football, “Joseph Blatter”, prompted to resign, and it seems This will be reflected in the FIFA electronic game of the same name The organization, which is threatened by ban on electronic gaming platforms.

and come So on the sidelines of calls to boycott the game.And according to the “Sky News Arabia” website, the British advisor on the Camden region The city of London, “Ole Boys” demanded to ban the game permanently due to scandals FIFA, which is the proposal that will be presented at the meeting of the regional council and can be To be submitted to the British Cabinet.

It is expected that EA Sports, the developer of the FIFA game, will release its new version, “FIFA”. 16” next fall, and it is not known if these invitations have affected the game.

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