Feel Mining – How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Do you have some money to invest? Do you know that you can try to invest your money in Crypto Currency ?

So yes, more and more people are betting on Bitcoin but also on other cryptocurrencies

Some allow generate passive income through staking and to MasterNodes.

Masternodes thus make it possible to invest a certain amount of money (in Crypto Currency and which can be recoverable) and generate passive income every 5 minutes

However for neophytes it is not easy to set up. That is why Feel-Mining offers this type of service with disconcerting ease.

On the French market there are two major players who are Feel Mining and Just Mining.


The golden rule before any investment

First of all, invest only what you are prepared to lose! Crypto Currency is very volatile the gains can be crazy but so can the loss.

There are Shared MasterNodess affordable (- € 100) for those who want to get their hands dirty.

Don’t be too greedy, do not see in this investment an opportunity to make easy money!

It is you and you alone who are responsible and generally we make long term profits!

This article is not investment advice!

Is Feel Mining reliable?

Yes it is a French society , registered with a SIREN number, a medium, a postal address that exists.

They also move on different levies relating to the world of Crypto Currency.

The company is very young and it has great ambitions, it is not resting on its laurels and adds different services over time.

On our side, Tutos-Informatique has never had the slightest problem with its orders.

We have been customers since September 2019 and we have subscribed to 6 shared Masternodes.

feel mining v2.6

Signing up to the site is simple:

Feel Mining v2.6 registration

Once registered, here are the two offers that will interest us:

  • Simple MasterNodes
  • Shared MasterNodes

Invest in Masternodes

The advantage of simple MasterNodes is that you only use your Euros! No need to buy or have Bitcoin or Ethereum in the pockets. It is therefore a very simple investment point.

Most of the MasterNodes offered by Feel-Mining are reputable and are “reliable”. That is to say that the returns are consistent that the projects behind are rather solid.

The most famous Masternodes are DASH (not offered here) / HORIZEN / FIRO

It is unthinkable to invest your money on projects with a rate of return of 100/200/1000% and more.

The rate of return is interesting but you must also choose a Crypto Currency which has an interesting, stable value and which can have an interesting future!

Feel-Mining offers here shared Masternodes, the minimum amount to be invested is therefore less important than a full Masternode.

To know

Obviously the gains / losses will be less important too 🙂

masternode stakenet
The entrance ticket is here 133 € ht.

Here you have an example ofinvestment of 133 € in the Crypto Currency named Stakenet which has a return on investment of 10.78%

To know

(the ROI is not calculated on the price in €! but on the number of Crypto Currency you receive compared to your investment over one year)

Once paid you will therefore generate Stakenet every 5 minutes.

Invest in Staking

Staking is another method of investing. With this technique you have to keep your tokens in a wallet then let the sum grow. A bit like a passbook A in your bank.

Staking is generally more affordable than MasterNodes.

Feel Mining offers various staking products.

staking products

Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum easily with Feel-Mining

Feel-Mining has an ambition, provide users with the easiest user experience to discover the world of cryptocurrencies.

Now a “Buy” button allows you toeasily buy Bitcoin or Ethereum

buy bitcoin feel mining
The button is at the top right of your dashboard.

Then you must choose an amount and your payment method:

buy BTC Feel mining
the interface is simple to use, you can also change the type of Cryptocurrency BTC or ETHEREUM.

Is it profitable to invest your money in Crypto Currency?

From my point of view it will pay off in the long run. Kind of like investing in life insurance.

Blockchain technology can be a revolution in the years to come and if you have invested your money in a successful project your earnings will be excellent!

Thanks to this investment in MasterNodes you can withdraw your winnings + your starting bet whenever you want. (minimum 3 months otherwise you will owe 5% of commissions to the company Feel-Mining)

With higher rates of return than the PEL / Livret A it is a good alternative but the risks are much greater!

You can also invest as you go, each month take a shared MasterNode.

This is only my opinion but not investment advice.

Directly from in Feel-Mining

The company continues to offer new features. Now you can upgrade your account to Premium then Gold

grade feel mining

To improve your account you must choose whether you are an individual or a professional.

In the case where Are you an individual the following items must be sent:

  • Front / back identity card
  • Selfie with your ID card

For the “Gold” level, proof of address will be required.

For Companies it will be necessary to add the “KBIS”.

For those who make a lot of transactions you can subscribe to thepaid subscription offer (Plantinium).

With this subscription you can terminate your MasterNodes immediately and you no longer pay fees on withdrawals.

Withdrawal of earnings in Euros from Feel-Mining

a – Gold account and IBAN

To withdraw your earnings from your bank account a Gold account is necessary.

Once this status is validated, you must add your IBAN in your account options :

iban feel mining

b – Convert earnings

Now go to the Dashbord, you will see the list of your earnings, a convert button allows you to convert into other cryptocurrencies.

Only the BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and VRO can be converted into euros.

You must therefore convert your cryptos into one of these currencies and then convert them into €.

Feel Mining conversion
example to convert Bitcoin

c – Request withdrawal

The withdrawal request has some limits. In fact, withdrawal is possible from € 100 with a charge of € 5!

Remember to choose the currency EUR

Withdrawal in euro Feel Mining

Warning ! Withdrawals in Euros are to be declared in your income! You are taxable at 30% on your capital gains!

For the more Geeks

For enthusiasts and those who have a good command of the computer world such as setting up servers under Linux, know that you can ccreate your own MasterNodes on a VPS.

The advantage is that you have 100% of the earnings against 95% on Feel-Mining. However beyond the technical skills it is also necessary to update the node and carefully follow the evolution of its server.

Know that Feel-Mining can sell you a MasterNode without buying the Cryptocurrency, so you only pay for the implementation of the VPS and this, for a 1 year contract.

In return you have 100% of the Gains. It’s your turn ;).

And what do you think of these types of investments?

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