Features Apple needs to add to the Apple Music app

Although Apple Music is very popular, its companion iPhone app could benefit from a whole host of improvements to make it more user-friendly. When Apple Music was launched, Apple decided to bundle it into the original Music app on the iPhone. This led to an experience that mirrored what iTunes had to offer, and the less talked about, the better.

With WWDC 2021 approaching, now is the time to make a wishlist of some improvements to Apple Music, and it might be a good idea to focus on the iPhone app because that’s where most people are taking advantage of the service.

Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

1. Make the user experience fast

Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

Apple Music is slow everywhere you want to use it. After you tap on any of the tabs in the Music app on iPhone, you’ll notice that it takes a second or two to load even on very fast internet connections. Perhaps this is due to high-resolution assets that take a while to open, or perhaps due to bloated code.

I would really appreciate it if Apple took some time to find out and fix what is slowing down their Music app. Third-party Apple Music apps, like Marvis Pro ($5.99), load much faster, so there’s no reason why Apple Music can’t.

2. Lyrics synchronized with time without connection

Lyrics added over time Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

So much to the Apple Music experience. We often enjoy singing along with our favorite songs thanks to this feature, but for some reason, this feature doesn’t work offline. If you are traveling on a plane or somewhere with poor network coverage, you will be able to play downloaded songs but still miss the lyrics.

It would be great if you could download the lyrics in sync to get an amazing offline music experience.

3. Search within playlists and albums

Playlists and albums are at the heart of Apple Music, but surprisingly there’s no way to search for specific songs in a specific playlist or album. I listen to long playlists of more than 100 songs often and it is very difficult to search for a single song within those playlists.

Likewise, if you want to skip to one song in a 40-song compilation album, you still have to manually search for the song. Apple can easily fix this by letting you scroll down inside any playlist to reveal the search bar.

4. Shared playlist optimization

Shared playlists are a “social” experience that Apple Music should build from day one. But as it is, if you create a playlist and share it with someone, there is no way to let them add songs.

If the creator added more songs to the playlist, the other person would need to remove the playlist from their library and add it again to get the updated songs. Apple can easily fix this by letting specific people add songs and adding support for automatic playlist updates. Check out the best music sync apps for streaming music to multiple devices.

5. Smart playlists

Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create smart playlists simply by specifying certain parameters such as year of release, genre, and number of times the song was played, among others? Several third-party Apple Music service apps, such as Soor ($6.99) already support this feature, so there’s no reason why Apple can’t add it as well.

While we’re on the topic, Apple Music desperately needs a better way to create bigger playlists. I was able to build a playlist of 1,200 road trip songs in about 15 minutes on Soor, and it’s about time Apple added support for similar features to the Music app.

It should be much easier to group multiple playlists and albums into another playlist. Right now, much of this process is done manually in the original Music app. For example, you have to search for every album or playlist that you would like to add to your mega playlist.

6. Better management of songs without the Internet

The offline part of Apple Music is in dire need of an overhaul. First, the user interface hides all offline songs in the Library tab. You need to press the download button to find your music. Ideally, you should be able to customize the home screen to highlight only offline songs.

Another big issue is removing downloaded songs if you sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone. Although this is understandable, the problem is that you need to manually download all the songs again after you sign in again or if you sign in to your Apple ID on a new iPhone.

It’s time for Apple to add an option that lets you automatically redownload all your offline music with one click.

7. Better algorithms for recommendation

Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

Apple Music playlists are very well organized and the app has become very good at showing you related playlists. However, I still feel he can recommend more songs based on my taste.

For example, I listen to music without a beat occasionally but not often enough to recommend songs of this type on Apple Music. I wish Apple Music could pick up these cues from my listening history to recommend more music without tempo or related genres.

Ideally, the service should also be better at showing “forgotten” songs (which I once loved but don’t listen to anymore).

8. Optimize iMessage for Apple Music

The iMessage app for Apple Music sounds like something the company just forgot. It’s never been updated and still shows the same thing it did when it was released — songs you’ve played recently.

It should allow us to search for songs from Apple Music and share them with our friends. There is no search bar in the iMessage app, unfortunately, so you have to share songs via the Share page in the Music app. It would be nice to have this app appear on playlists, artist pages or albums also for quick sharing. Also check out cool things you can do with iMessage apps on iPhone.

9. Better Word Sharing

Apple Music lets you share lyrics now in sync (just tap and hold on any piece of art to get started). However, there are still many songs that are not synchronized with time.

You cannot select or copy these words and your best bet is to take screenshots to share. Apple could really add a way to pick and share bits of these words.

10. Advanced broadcast statistics

Features Apple Needs to Add to Apple Music App - iOS iPadOS

Apps like PlayTally ($1.99) show you some excellent streaming stats, like the number of songs played each day, hours of music listening, etc. These apps can use this data to recommend music as well, which is something Apple Music should totally consider.

Optimize Apple Music

If you’re tired of waiting for Apple to add these features to Apple Music, you can check out third-party apps like Cs Music Player ($2.99). These apps have many features that we would have liked.

Apple should separate Apple Music updates from system updates and allow the streaming service to develop its app on its own. We shouldn’t have to wait for major iOS releases to bring essential features like sharing lyrics. This way we can get great features faster, and Apple Music can quickly have the excellent app experience you deserve.

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