Facebook: switch to black theme (dark mode)

Want to change the look of your favorite social network? Facebook is displayed with a white background and black texts but it is possible to do the reverse. Less light on the screen, eye comfort, better readability, the dark theme is a function ofergonomics and D’accessibility, Like on Windows 10 and FB Messenger on mobile. Also called Dark mode, dark theme, or dark mode, this is like inverting the colors to get a more restful black background. This tutorial explains how toggle facebook on black background.

This guide requires you to be on the new version of Facebook, the 2020 version for computers (Windows, Mac and Linux). Follow this procedure to set it up.

Once activated, the black mode can quickly be deactivated to return to the initial version, i.e. black texts on a white background. This procedure is also explained below.

Install Facebook web dark mode

1. Open an internet browser (Chromium, Firefox, Edge) and go to the site Facebook.

2. At the top right of the screen, click on thesmall arrow going down icon next to notifications:

Facebook menu new web version

3. In the menu that opens, click on ” Dark mode “To activate the function (” Dark mode “in English):

4. Instantly, the Facebook interface turns dark. The texts are in white on a black background.

Facebook 2020 theme dark dark dark black

Return Facebook to clear / white theme

To return to the clear default theme, repeat the procedure.

Click on the small arrow from the Facebook menu at the top right of the screen and uncheckDark mode To deactivate the option.