Facebook: how to revert to the old version

It was between March, April and May 2020 that Facebook users on computers saw (or experienced) a change in the appearance of the social network. And that’s not for everyone. We published a tutorial to get on “Facebook 2020” before everyone else, here is a guide for revert to the old version of Facebook web version if this does not suit you. The procedure to go back is very simple, there are only two clicks to do. But you still need to know where to click because the Facebook options are not displayed on the main screen of the social network.

This is Facebook on a computer (Windows, Mac and Linux), through a web browser such as Google Chrome, firefox, edge. On mobile, the graphic appearance depends on the version of the application and it is not possible to reinstall an old edition of the app iOS Where android since the blinds officials.

However, if you choose to go back to the old version of Facebook, you will no longer be able to have Facebook in black theme. This is an option reserved for the new FB of 2020.

Go back to the old Facebook

1. From a computer, go to the site Facebook.

2. At the top right of the screen, click on the small arrow going down :

facebook menu tutorial

3. In the menu that opens, click on ” Switch to classic Facebook » :

Facebook revert old web version

4. Instantly, the Facebook interface reverts to the old version.

To cancel and return to the new version of Facebook, follow this tutorial.

Another way to get back to the old Facebook

If the option to switch back to the classic version of Facebook is no longer available, here is an extension to install in your browser. In a few clicks, you can find the old FB on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. The Apple Safari browser is not compatible, so you will need to install another software on your Mac (Chrome or Firefox). These extensions are officially offered on the stores of web browsers, there is nothing easier to do than these few clicks.

1. Go to the site oldlayout.

2. Click on “ Install from Mozilla ” Where ” Install from Google ” Where ” Install from Opera ” Where ” Install from Edge » depending on the browser used:

Facebook tutorial old version add-on

3. On Chromium : click on the button ” Add to Chrome to install the extension:

Facebook tutorial old version add-on Chrome extension

On Firefox : click on the button ” Add to Firefox to download the plugin:

Facebook tutorial old version add-on Firefox extension

Same principle on Edge and Opera.

4. Close internet browser software.

5. Reopen Chrome, Firefox or Edge and return to the Facebook site. The old interface is back!

Facebook tutorial old version 2020 2021