Explain the details of the famous game and how you can play it

Agario is the most famous game of 2015 and among the most searched games by users in search sites. It is an action game that plays with several competitors for free and was developed by Matheus Valadares. Each player has to control a cell representing the Petri can in order to grow as much as possible by swallowing the smaller cells and not swallowing the bigger cells. The name Agario was named after “agar-agar”, a solution used in laboratories for cell culture.

Explain the details of the famous game and how you can play it - free games

This game has been popular since its appearance on the Fortune website “4chan” where it was initially only available on a web browser. And then it became one of the most popular games thanks to the ads promoted by its fans on social networking sites, including YouTube and Twitch, and then it was published on Steam. On July 8, 2015, it was released on iOS and Android after a modification made by Miniclip.

We now come to explain how to play the game on the computer:

You enter the game link in any browser you have on the computer through the following link
Then the following window will appear for you as shown in the image
How to play on PC

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As you see in front of you, you either play by entering through Facebook or play directly, when you play through Facebook, you will be able to share the scores and points you get in the game with your friends.

You enter the name you want in the box and start playing the game.Explain the details of the famous game and how you can play it - free games

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In this way, we have finished explaining how to play the game on the computer without downloading the game to the device.

control method

  • Agario game is based on the following simple control methods:
  • Move the mouse to move around.
  • Pressing the “espace” button to divide the cells into two equal parts.
  • Pressing the “W” button to drop the cell block.

Game Technology

There are two ways to play the players. The first way is solo play. In this way, the general gameplay mechanics are the same, but some minor details are slightly different:

To be able to swallow as much of the colored blocks you must divide the cell from the start.

You should take advantage of your small size to do the assessment of the arena so that you know the average size of cells in the game and the most aggressive players.

At the time you have to collect the cell you have to stay divided until the last moment so that the speed is greater and the opponents stop.
Deceive the rest of the players with the walls.

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The more divided the player, the larger the area of ​​his vision.

Explain the details of the famous game and how you can play it - free games

While the team play that is symbolized by “Team” or “w=team” or team names such as “ƬψƬ” or “【ƝƁƘ】” differs in these things that you should pay attention to:

Forming a team with another person enables him to give part of his cells to his team and also gives reduced time to collect all these cells in one cell.

Enables the team to detonate the green viruses so that the fellow in the game can pass.

Deceive the competitor into the size of the cell, which is initially small, then gathers to reveal the true cell size, and then swallows the competitor’s cell.

The team can facilitate and increase the speed of application of generic techniques.

The team gives you the possibility to split without hesitation even in dangerous situations.Explain the details of the famous game and how you can play it - free games

General tips:

  • You can split special orbs in order to try to swallow smaller orbs faster around you. However, it takes a long time to repair the whole orb, after splitting, so be careful about splitting the orb when bigger rivals are hiding close to you.
  • Always measure the size of your prey before targeting it with Split-Catch. If you are not 100% sure that you will immediately swallow the orb of others, it is advised to refrain from gambling, and to risk splitting into a small cell, just to get prey from the splitting orbs.
  • Keep in mind that partitioning can be used as an escape mechanism. If you find yourself about to swallow, you can split up and run away with the remaining half.
  • There are green, pointed orbs floating around the playing field. These will forcibly split any celestial bodies it comes into contact with. When you’re young, use these obstacles to shelter yourself from bigger players. Stay close to it and go out to swallow any non-player orbs in the vicinity.
  • The playing field in is not endless, and there are walls to keep players inside. Use walls and corners to your advantage. A player is trapped in a corner and when he thinks he has found a way to escape, Taksim cuts off his path completely.

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