Exchange your cryptocurrency for another

In the world of Cryptocurrency it is possible to exchange one currency for another. A bit like exchange offices where we will exchange € for $.

Here I am going to introduce you to Changelly, which allows you to change very easily. However, you have to pay attention to the costs. Those of BITCOIN explode!

There are also multiple platforms but I have not tested them. (Bitfinex Binance and many more).

Finally if you want buy cryptocurrency very quickly I recommend the Coinbase platform

Changelly registration

First thing to do is register on the site by going to the Sign UP button

changelly inscription

You can then choose to create your account:

Registration via Twitter / Facebook / Google account or via your email address:

choice account registration

Once registered, we can therefore trade and buy cryptocurrency.

Buy cryptocurrency

The process is really easy you can choose on the left what you have and on the right what you want:

changelly purchase

To know

Example HERE I will buy for 180 € of XMR (Monero)

I can very well choose another currency in clicking on the green arrow next to EUR or XMR

choice of cryptocurrency

Once validated you arrive in phase 2 we give you a summary of your Purchase as well as the tax (FEE) applied

Click on Next to move on.

prices and fees on changelly

You must indicate an address of your wallet corresponding to the cryptocurrency you are buying or exchanging.

enter the address of a portfolio
Here I am buying MONERO so I must indicate the address of my MONERO wallet.

Click Next to proceed further.

We give you a summary, by clicking on Confirm And Make Payment you will be redirected to a purchase page with your credit card.

changelly purchase validation

We tell you which payment cards are taken into account:

card offered to buy cryptocurrency at changelly

Click on Pay With Visa / Mastercard, you will be redirected to a page where you must indicate your phone number:

changelly phone validation

Remember to choose your country.

payment validation cb

You validate your credit card (it’s secure;)).

A few minutes later your Cryptocurrency will be accessible on your wallet.

Exchange cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency

The process is the same, consider changing the crypto in the menus.

You do not enter your banking information but you must send an amount of the cryptocurrency you have to an address given by Changelly.

changelly cryptocurrency exchange procedure

Example here I have to send 180 ETH to this address. In exchange, I will receive MONERO.

What about the sale?

To know

Attention Changelly does not allow you to sell BITCOIN or any other cryptocurrency in €.

You have to go through a foreign exchange platform like COINBASE for example.

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