Enjoy Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free

The Office suite offers software Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These software are used by professionals, students and even for personal use.

Office licenses are chargeable, but Microsoft offers a free, ad-free and functional solution.

Complete tutorial to benefit from Microsoft Office for free

Why choose the office suite?

The Office suite is widely used in the professional environment but also in schools. Of course there are other alternative solutions like LibreOffice which allows professional documents to be produced.

On the other hand we know that Libreoffice and the Office suite are not 100% compatible between them, which can generate display problems on documents.

Microsoft has therefore released the heavy artillery and offers its Microsoft Office suite for free for everyone!

Microsoft Office free it’s possible

The software offered to you in this tutorial is 100% legal. We will not offer you no crack office or weird activators.

The procedure is offered directly by Microsoft and allows you to take full advantage of Word, Excel and Powerpoint without paying a single euro.

Step 1 – Register on

The simplest solution is to register on

An account on automatically offers free versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint

The account creation page is available here. account creation page

After the creation of the Microsoft Office account will be free.

Step -2 – Connect to the account

By logging in you will then see the various free applications

Microsoft office free

We therefore have access to:

  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power point
  • OneNote

All the rest is available online! Of course this version does not offer all the features but for simple treatment that is more than enough!

Thanks to the online suite, your documents are saved in real time to avoid data loss.

Step 3 – Create your documents

By clicking on the application you can create your documents simply by clicking on “New Document”

free excel
Example: creation of an Excel document for free
free word
Here I can create a Word document for free
free powerpoint
A Powerpoint presentation is also possible, always free of charge

The free account also offers 5 GB of cloud storage through OneDrive.

Here is the Word Online interface:

word Online

Free Microsoft Office on Mobile (iPhone and Android)

Office applications are available on the AppStore and the PlayStore.

You can free download and connect your Microsoft account to find and edit your files from your phone.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the applications because it is super practical to consult your documents everywhere.

Free alternatives for Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s Office suite and in direct competition with the Google G-Suite suite.

Google offers its own software like GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive or even GoogleSheets.

Again the apps are free.

In heavy client application you can turn to LibreOffice and OpenOffice even if I have a preference for LibreOffice.

Finally, be aware that you can take advantage of the trial version on the more complete versions of the office. The Microsoft Office 365 suite is available for free.

We offer you the following guide for test office 365

Video :

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