Enable power saving mode in macOS? This is how!

As the name suggests, power-saving mode is a feature that, when activated, instantly reduces the brightness of the screen and slows down the processor clock speed, thus reducing battery consumption.

As a result, the screen becomes darker and overall system performance also slows down than normal. But there is a longer service life. This is essential in certain situations, such as when you use your Mac outdoors and forget to bring your charger.

The power saving mode on the Mac can also work quieter and is somewhat similar to the power saving mode on the iPhone. However, you can not choose a specific value for the battery percentage to automatically activate this mode on your Mac, as you can with an iPhone.

As mentioned, the power saving mode by Apple is built into the macOS 12 Monterey update and later. Therefore, MacBook and MacBook Pro models released from early 2016 to date support this feature. As of December 2021, there are still no MacBook Air models that support power save mode. But that may all change in the future.

Enable power saving mode in macOS

You can activate the power save mode both when the device is running on battery power and when it is plugged in directly.

To get started, click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen, and then click System Preferences in the menu. Then click on Battery.

Power settings mac

To enable Power Saver mode, click on “Power Saver Mode” and enable the option. Your Mac now has lower power consumption and quieter operation.

Enable power save mode mac

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