Enable or disable system security in Windows 11

Windows has a feature called System Security that allows repair points to be made so that your computer can be restored to its previous state to resolve potential issues.

When a disk is added to System Security, Windows creates recovery points so that you can undo unnecessary changes and revert to a previous good state on the hard disk.

Any drive on a Windows computer can be added to or removed from System Security. When a drive is added, Windows uses a restore point to return to a working state with the data from a restore point. Repair points can also be removed about free up disk space on systems with little storage space.

Windows will restore old points clean up so that new ones can be created. The space reserved for restore points is allocated based on the size of the hard disk and the version of Windows used.

If you do not have a backup plan, hard disk system security can be considered and used.

Enable or disable system security

As mentioned above, hard disk system security enables this Windows restore points allows the system to be repaired. Not all disk drives are automatically included in Windows System Security. Below you’ll see how to enable system security for a disk drive in Windows 11.

Right-click the start button. Click Settings on the menu. Click System on the left. Then click on Info at the very bottom.

Then click on the link: System Security at the related links.

System security options in Windows 11

Then click the Configure button.

Configure system security

Click Enable or disable System Security.

Enable or disable system security

If you choose to enable system security, you can use the slider to determine how much disk space the system security can take up on your computer. When the disk is full, old restore points are automatically deleted. You can delete all restore points yourself by clicking the delete button at the bottom right.

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