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Emule download android-Well before the arrival of video and music streaming services, with Netflix, HBO, YouTube and Spotify as the biggest examples, and even before the popularization of torrent networks for downloading movies, series, albums and songs, there was another application that was the king of downloads.

Emule download android

We are talking, of course, about eMule, the P2P software based on the eDonkey 2000 protocol and the Kad network, which became extremely popular in the early 2000s, being the best application, with the authorization of Ares, to download any kind of file to a Windows PC: songs or complete albums, videos, games or even Word or PDF documents, for example.

The king of P2P downloads emule Download android apk MAC/Windows 10

And even if it was an open code software that worked exclusively on the Microsoft operating system (in fact, it continues to do so on Windows 10 (), its great success produced the development of clones which worked on other platforms like macOS or Linux, as is the case with the multiplatform application aMule. At the time, logically, the jump to mobile operating systems was not possible. you should start looking for an APK for Android because it just doesn’t exist.

main Features

Once downloaded and installed the executable of the software, it was necessary to connect to one of the multiple available servers, to make a small configuration and ports and firewalls of the PC, and to start to benefit from all the characteristics and functionalities of the digital mule:

  • Search for files by name and filtering: sound, images, videos, software, etc.
  • Ability to pause, stop or stop a download.
  • Option to get sources from other customers doing the same download.
  • All kinds of statistics relating to your connection time and download speeds.
  • Preview multimedia files so you don’t download anything that doesn’t interest you
  • Safe user identification.
  • Filtering by IP: it allows to filter the corrupted files which circulate by Internet.
  • Message system to find users with the same tastes and interests.
  • Recovery of corrupted parts of files.

Which is the latest version? It is the best?

With the passage of time and the implementation of new technologies, this download application has become abandoned. It’s been almost 7 years since there has been a new stable version. eMule 0.50a was released in April 2010 and is the download we are providing to you.

On a technical level, this is obviously the best, but you may have the impression that the network is malfunctioning or worse than ten years ago precisely because almost no one continues to use it, there are fewer files available and, of course, downloads become slower.

Emule download android

What is the best server?

In addition to the annoying operation of opening ports to guarantee a faster connection to this network, connecting to the best possible server has always been a vital issue in being able to find exactly what you were looking for and download it the way the fastest.

Lamentably, currently the story is more about being able to connect to a working server than at best. With the download and installation of the EXE of this software there is a list of servers which are completely obsolete. Luckily, you can add new servers manually which still work as follows:

Step 1: go to the Preferences tab and select the Server option. Step 2: activate the option to automatically update the server list at startup.
Step 3: click on the Edit button and on the notepad and add the URL address
Step 4: save the document, apply the changes and accept.
Step 5: restart eMule and observe the new list of available servers.

The software will run on all servers trying to connect automatically but if you are in a hurry you can select one and connect to it directly with the right mouse button and download files as soon as possible.

how to use emule vs. Ares: which one is better?

The year 2002 saw the appearance of these two legendary P2P downloads software that coexisted until their death. For this reason, it is normal that people always ask themselves the question of which was the better of the two but as always it is impossible to declare an absolute winner because the two had advantages and disadvantages.

eMule, for example, had a lot more and better quality files, but downloads were much slower at first when we had practically no files to share and it required a little bit of complicated setup. Ares, on the other hand, offered us fast downloads from the first moment but sometimes the downloaded files had nothing to do with it. In reality, the two software programs were perfectly compatible and complementary and you didn’t really have to choose.

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