Eliminating the notification “Checking for new messages” from WhatsApp is possible

Delete notification Checking for new WhatsApp messages

If you are tired of WhatsApp showing you one notification in which it tells you that is checking for new messages, do not worry, here we will explain how to solve said “trouble”. All you need to do is read this note and follow the tutorial and the advice that we are going to show you to the letter.

Why does WhatsApp check for new messages?

For some unknown reason, WhatsApp does not indicate directly if there are new messages from one or more group or individual conversations, but instead shows a more general notification. Said notification what it says is “Checking for new messages”E indicates that some person, or several, are sending us messages.

WhatsApp why it checks for new messages

But, this does not happen very often, because WhatsApp does not always display this notification. When this happens, the mobile could have some kind of problem, What kind of problem? Various:

  • Mobile data connection is unstable.
  • The WiFi network to which the mobile is connected has micro-cuts or it has a low descent speed.
  • There are several applications open and the phone is low on free RAM.

How to remove the “Checking for new messages” notification from WhatsApp

The good thing is that deleting this notification is not complicated at all. Although there are different solutions to this problem, the fastest is to deactivate the notification of the pull. In order to do so, you will have to follow the following steps:

How to delete notification by checking for new WhatsApp messages

  • Once the notification appears, you must run it down.
  • The notification in question will be enlarged. In this step, you will have to keep pressing with your finger on said notification.
  • Two options will appear below the notification, click on the one that says Minimize.

In a matter of seconds, Android will minimize that notification forever, What does this mean? That from now on you will never see it again, unless you activate it again of course.

Does the notification “Checking for new messages” from WhatsApp still appear?

If for some strange reason this notification continues to appear on your mobile, you will have to perform one of these actions:

Fix by checking for new WhatsApp messages

  • Turn airplane mode on and off.
  • Uninstall and redownload WhatsApp.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Update WhatsApp or download a beta version.

Carrying out any of the solutions that we showed you above, the notification of checking for new WhatsApp messages should no longer appear. Although, if that message is still displayed on your mobile, we recommend that you notify us so that we can help you with some other personalized advice (depending on the mobile you have).