Eclipse: reactivate autocompletion

Eclipse is a development environment allowing, among other things, to create programs in Java.

For some unknown reason, Eclipse can take away a feature essential to fast programming: theauto-completion, in other words input help.

Auto-completion, as its name suggests, allows you to have a suggestion of the attributes, methods or simply classes to use. Without this functionality, we find ourselves twenty years back with an IDE that is almost nothing more than a text editor.

Activate input help

1. To activate auto-completion in Eclipse, go through the menu ” Window ” then ” Preferences “:


2. Follow the following tree structure: Java -> Editor -> Content Assist

3. Check that in the group ” Auto Activation ” than ” Enable auto activation »Is checked:

Eclipse Enable Auto Activation

4. The part that you can forget to check is in: Java -> Editor -> Content Assist -> Advanced

5. To have input help on Java classes, do not forget to check “ Java Proposals “:

Eclipse Java content assist advanced