Easily download Windows Server 2022 ISO

Windows Server 2022 is available since a few weeks.

The release of the new OS Server did not make a lot of noise.

It must be said that at the moment they are rather fully on Windows 11.

This page allows you to directly download Windows Server 2022 in Standard or DataCenter version. ISO comes from Microsoft.

An online event will be available on September 16 to officially present the OS.

What’s new on Windows Server 2022?

Windows Server 2022 abandons its “Windows As A Service”. Semi-annual updates are complete. Windows Server 2022 therefore offers a “Long Time” LTSC version, ie 10 years of support. The 6 month cycle being abandoned. Windows Server 2022 will benefit from major upgrades every 2 or 3 years.

3 editions are available:

  • Standard,
  • DataCenter
  • DataCenter Azure Edition

The last one being a novelty to take full advantage of Azure services (Office 365)

The complete list of new features is available on the Microsoft doc What’s new in Windows Server 2022

windows server 2022 desktop
This is the Windows Server 2022 desktop (doesn’t that remind you of Windows 10?)

Download Windows Server 2022

We offer you a direct link on our platform to download Windows Server 2022

Download Windows Server 2022

The iso weighs 5.2 GB, you can install it without a license key in order to test the features.

Standard and Datacenter version are available in this image.

Once downloaded it must be burn to a USB stick in order to be able to start an installation (as for Windows 10).

Should we upgrade to Windows Server 2022?

On a recipe environment why not. This allows you to verify that your applications are functional and to familiarize you with the product.

On the other hand on production at the moment it is not recommended. Indeed a server can host several roles (domain controller, dhcp, dns …) these roles can be incompatible with the eco-system of your park.

Certain servers may be obsolete in your Park and not be compatible with certain roles of your new server.

You have to be patient and take a step back to avoid problems.

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