Easily create a Gmail or Google account in 2022?

Create a free Gmail account in 2020 Where Google in general is simple to achieve. The method of creating a Google account that you knew 5 years ago is no longer valid. As you always have to change over time the way that was used to create a Gmail account easily has also evolved.

The answer to the question posed in the title, which is how to create a Free Gmail account, can be found in more detail in this article. This post gives you a complete guide to creating a Google account without too much hassle.

Before seeing the creation tutorial, let’s first see what your Google Account will do for you. Because if you don’t know it with Google is not just research or emails.

What is a Google account for

Consider creating your own Gmail account for reasons that will be discussed in this section. First, a Gmail account gives you access to the world’s most popular email service.

Creating a Google account gives you access to all Google services. Even with the same account you can connect to other online services like Quora, Pinterest, etc.

Here are the basic services directly offered by creating a Google account:

  • Google as the search engine.
  • Play store
  • Google drive
  • Pictures
  • Google Contacts
  • Translate
  • Maps
  • Youtube

To these accounts are added the panoply of other services such as AdSense, Analytics, Search Console for Webmasters or even Adwords. Products like Google Earth, Flutter, Hangout, Google Cloud, and many other products

The other advantage is the synchronization of all your data. Thus, you will have access to your research, emails, photos,… directly on your Smartphone and on your computer (browser).

Creating a Gmail account is not even complicated, you just need to follow all the steps which are presented in this guide.

Enter the following URL: “mail.google.com” in your browser bar or click here

Click on “create an account”

Create a google account easily

Choose the type of Google account to create

Then you will be asked what type of account you want to create. You must choose either “for me” or “to run my business”.

choose the type of account

Enter basic information

After choosing the type of account you want to create, complete the form that will be presented to you. At this step you must enter:

  • Your first and last name
  • Then follow the entry of the username or email address to use. Note that if the address is not available other usernames will be presented to you.
  • Choose a password and then go to confirmation. Make sure that you have taken into account the criteria for a good password
  • Click “next” for further steps.
enter basic account creation information

Create a Gmail account by providing additional data

Once you have the valid username, you will then need to fill in the following information again:

  • Enter the functional phone number that will allow you to confirm your account
  • Then you must enter your recovery email address. This box is not mandatory,
  • Fill in the information about your date of birth
  • And lastly choose the equivalent of your gender
  • Then click on next to create a Gmail account
Enter the number to create a free Gmail

Validate your number to create a Gmail account

Then the following operation is to validate your phone number to properly create your Gmail account. Google will ask you for permission to send an SMS to the number you entered in the previous step.

An SMS containing your validation code containing 6 digits which begins with ” G- ” Will be sent to you. Just click on “Send”

creation of a Google account by validating the number

Type this code (only the numbers) in the text box following the characters: ” G- “. Then click on “Validate”

Allow Google to use your number

At this level you must give Google the necessary permissions to use your phone number. As for example the reception of SMS and calls coming from their parts, etc.

If you agree with this service, click on ” Yes I accept “To continue with the creation of a Google account”.

Create a free gmail account

Accept the T & Cs and the Google privacy policy

After a good reading and understanding of the general conditions of use of Google but also of their confidentiality policy, click on “I accept”.

creation of a google account - T & Cs and Privacy Policy

That’s all you just created a Google account.

However, you should know that the use of Google products is not without consequences.

Why don’t you have to create a Google account?

Sorry to disappoint you because Google is not known for protecting your privacy. This is the great disadvantage of this company.

So what have you decided? Are you going to create a Gmail account or have you just changed your mind?


Google as a business has several online services that you can find in this list. If the downside presented above doesn’t scare you, you know how to create a completely free Gmail account.

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