Earn Bitcoin Shards For Free

For those who are interested in cryptocurrency I offer today the site.

This site allows you to harvest bitcoin shards free thanks to a lottery but also and above all thanks to its system of rolling dice.

I will thus dissect the site for you in order to win your first satoshi!

Presentation of

The site is free and proposes different solutions to harvest Bitcoin fragments on your account (called Satoshi).

In cryptocurrency jargon we call this kind of site a Faucet.

The purpose of these sites is to get you to come and play and then use your winnings in the “Bet” part.

Of course you can keep your Bitcoins and do the dice roll every hour.

Freebitco website home page

Step 1 – Registration

First of all you have to register, for that you have to go to this page (this is an affiliate link but be aware that I give you 3% of what you make me earn).

Freebitco registration page

Enter your email address and a password then validate your address using the confirmation email.

Step 2 – use the dice roll as often as possible – FreeBtc

You must then go to the Free Btc menu then fill in the captcha and click on ROLL

free btc

freebtc page
Here I just rolled the dice. So I can play again in 57 minutes

Depending on the result you collect Bitcoins. The list of winnings are displayed above.

In the most of the cases you will earn very little.

You must therefore visit this page as often as possible during the day to earn Bitcoins.

Good to know :

Each roll of the dice gives you

  • Bitcoins
  • A Lotterie ticket (a draw takes place every Weekend plus you roll the dice the more chance you have of winning)
  • One point (you can redeem your points for BTC. However, 100,000 minimum points are required)

When you perform a ROLL you must enter the CAPTCHA Google. The goal is toprevent BOTS from spamming the page.

Freebitco can delete the captcha provided it deposit BTC at home and that your deposit is greater than the earnings generated by the “roll”

By clicking on the green DEPOSIT button you can make a deposit.

You do not have to keep the BITCOINS at home since once they have been deposited you can withdraw them.

Here is an example to make it clearer:

  • I deposit 0.001 BTC on Freebitcoin
  • As long as my total earnings generated by the ROLL are less than 0.001 BTC I will not have the CAPTCHA

To obtain the total amount of earnings generated by the Free Btc page you must go to the STATS page

freebitcoin stats

Then choose “Personal stats”

Personal stats
These are your personal statistics

Finally look at the table Free Roll Winnings

freebitcoin free roll winnings
The amount in this table must be less than your deposit.

The next ROLL will be without CAPTCHA.

Multiply your earnings – Multiply BTC

Thanks to the Bitcoins earned you can play them at the betting system.

For that you have to go to the Multiply BTC menu

multiply btc

You will thus bet a sum and bet on the number that will come out.

freebitco multiply btc

In our example I choose:

  • To bet 0.00000001 Bitcoin | Case BET AMOUNT
  • I have a profit of 0.000000001 | Case WIN PROFIT
  • I choose to double my stake | Case Payout 2.00
  • I have a 47.50% Chance of Winning | Case Win Chance

You can play on values ​​but beware the losses go very quickly!

BET HI => The value will be greater than 5250

BET LO => The value will be less than 4750

These values ​​change depending on your PAYOUT.

In this kind of system you will not be a winner. It’s quite technical and you have to do calculations to optimize your earnings.

It is also possible to make AUTOMATIC BET with the AUTO BET mode.

Possibility also to play for the JACKPOT if you release a number 8888.

For those interested you can watch the video from HASHEUR which uses a similar system for betting:

Invest your earnings – Earn BTC also offers an automatic investment system as soon as your account reaches 0.0003 BTC.

You have to go to the EARN BTC page

earn btc menu

The annual rate is 4.08% for the year. It is a passive system so it encourages you to keep at least 0.0003 BTC in your account;)

page earn btc freebitco

Generally the Weekend the earnings are boosted you receive more points.

Winning the lottery – Lottery

The site offers a lottery every Sunday. To play it you need raffle tickets.

freebitco menu lottery

These tickets are earned each time you roll the dice, but you have the option of purchasing them.

Here is the earnings pyramid:

freebitco earnings

Redeem your points – Rewards

freebitco rewards

For each roll of the dice you earn 1 point exchangeable for Bitcoins.

You need at least 100,000 points.

In other words, do not rely too much on this system.

We have seen the different means of the site to earn Bitcoins. Now I will explain to you how to withdraw your winnings.

Make bets

A new feature has been available since March 2019, these are paris (betting).

It is accessible from the menu bar at the top of the site:

betting menu on the website
Yes there is also another new feature! The Golden Ticket

You then have all kinds of possible bets.

example of betting at

It is possible to bet on the Champions League final on the evolution of the Bitcoin price, on the future American elections or on who will end up on the Throne in Game of Thrones !

In short, if you like betting, the sensations you can try to improve your winnings.

The sum is shared between the winners.

You must enter an address (a wallet) to receive your earnings.

You can create a wallet at Coinbase free. (a tutorial will be available soon).

Once created, add the wallet address to your Freebitco account

You have to go to the Profile tab and enter your address:

freebitco wallet

Finally it is necessary click on the green WITHDRAW button to choose the amount to send.

Please note that the minimum amount is 0.003 BTC

A few hours later you will receive your payment on your wallet (in our case Coinbase).

Increased Bonuses with the Token Fun

With the deployment of the Binance Smart Chain (see our full tutorial on the BSC) many tokens have emerged.

This is the case of the Token Fun which once purchased allows you to increase your bonuses on the Freebitcoin site.

You can buy the Token Fun directly at Binance, you must then transfer it to Freebitcoin.

Once the tokens are in your account, depending on the amount you will be eligible for different bonuses.

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