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Dr Scholl’s Shoes

Call the telephone number or free hotline or toll free (01800) of Dr. Scholl’s Shoes for shoe information, returns, guarantees, complaints/claims, questions, requests and more. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes has other channels in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line. Below are the social media and website links for Dr. Scholl’s Shoes. There you can also find telephone numbers, addresses, service centers, technical assistance and other information about the company.

Dr Scholl’s is a footwear and foot care brand owned by Bayer in the North American and Latin American markets, and by Aurelius AG in its remaining markets worldwide.

Phone 01800 Dr. Scholl’s Shoes in the United States 1-800-558-7614

Customer service number Spain Dr. Scholl’s Shoes +39 0294752505

Customer service line Colombia Dr. Scholl’s Shoes (1) 6010241



Customer service phone Mexico Dr. Scholl’s Shoes 55184484


Customer service number Argentina, Buenos Aires, Palermo Dr. Scholl’s +54 11 6178-2209


Customer service line Chile Dr. Scholl’s +56 2 2201 4690


Customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about the company you can access:




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