Download Word 2020-Download word 19 for windows10/8/7

free Download word 19 for windows10/8/7-Word is the word processing software for the Microsoft Office office suite, renamed Microsoft 365 in 2020, available for download for Windows and Mac. The software allows you to write any document requiring a professional layout. Reference writing software, it allows you to choose the layout adapted to your needs.

In addition to the most common options such as the choice of the font and its size as well as stylistic emphases such as bold, italics or underline, Word allows you to choose the orientation of the document (portrait or landscape), the width of the margins and the pagination.

Free Download word 19 for windows10/8/7

Designed for family and professional uses, Word 2019 allows you to embed images, graphics, videos or simply hyperlinks in your documents.

What are the features of Microsoft Word?

Word is first and foremost word processing software. You will therefore find all the necessary tools for formatting and layout of your documents. You can change the alignment of the text, change the paragraph spacing, orient your page in portrait mode, etc. You can also use styles to create titles, which will then allow you to automatically insert a table of contents (available only in the full version).

But that’s not all, you can also insert images or photos. A table insertion tool will not only allow you to insert a table but also to manage it from A to Z (number of columns and lines, merging cells, frame, etc.). You can also insert objects from other tools in the office suite such as graphics from Microsoft Excel.

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Mail merge features allow you to create document templates that will be used to send standardized documents by mail or email to multiple recipients. The review functions allow 4 or more hands to work on important documents and demonstrate their effectiveness in translation work or drafting legal documents.

Word can read DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF files and it can also directly convert files of these types to PDF.

In addition, cloud features via OneDrive allow you to save your documents online for easy sharing with your friends or business contacts. Editing documents with several people is also part of the game and allows several people to work easily on the same document at the same time, in collaboration.

What’s new in Word 2019?

Microsoft listened to its users to improve their software. To avoid accidents during collaborative work, labels showing the names of other people now appear where they are making changes.

To save time, a translation tool is now integrated in the Revision tab to avoid having to change windows to go to a search engine for example.

Word 2019 also offers new features for reading comfort. In addition to the choice of the display size of the widths and number of pages on the screen, it is now possible to choose the color of the page, the spacing of the text or have your document read aloud by the software . Still for proofreading, you can now scroll through the pages like in a book rather than using the wheel of your mouse.

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Finally, note taking has been revised, it is now possible to write in a handwritten manner in the document then to convert the notes into text or directly into form. In addition, the LaTeX syntax used for mathematical equations is now supported by Word. It is even possible to dictate directly to the software.

Free Microsoft Word with Microsoft 365 Online and Office Mobile
The software is sold with the Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft 365 office suites but is no longer sold in a standalone version as was the case for previous versions.

Also note that the Microsoft 365 office suite is available for download for Windows systems (those which are still updated by Microsoft). But that’s not all ! Indeed, thanks to Office Mobile (free) you can download an application containing lighter versions of the license directly on your mobile device (Android or iOS). In addition, a version accessible online directly from an internet browser is also available (free of charge), again it is a lighter version compared to the full version of Microsoft 365, its advantage is to avoid downloading and installing software. Microsoft Word and 365 are therefore free in their online and mobile version.

Word free or paid?

To be more clear, Microsoft Word is available in full version with the paid license of Microsoft 365 with all the tools of the office suite (spreadsheet, presentation software, etc.) and all advanced features in word processing. . But Microsoft Word is free in a light version for your mobile thanks to the Office Mobile application, and on Microsoft 365 online, which only requires a Microsoft account, a web browser and an internet connection.

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