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Movie Maker Windows’ free video editing tool is designed to appeal to a beginner audience. First of all, by its ease of use, both by its easy navigation and by its basic functionalities. But also by its playful dimension, through video effects and available transitions. The development of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite having ceased since early 2017, it is still possible to download Movie Maker here!


Free video editing software from Microsoft

Windows Movie Maker is the free video editing software published by Microsoft and integrated in the Windows Me editions to Windows 8. However, Microsoft has ceased the development of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite since January 10, 2017. offers the latest version for download. suite with Movie Maker

Its editing functions:

In addition to WMV, Microsoft’s proprietary format, Movie Maker allows you to import a large number of formats: AVI, MOV, QT, MPEG4, ASF, MTS, MKV, MP3, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. It has a clean interface, consisting of a tab bar, a preview video player and a rough editing table.

The timeline consists of a single video / photo track, on which can be superimposed an additional audio track and a sound or a narration to be recorded directly from your microphone. Movie Maker also allows you to capture video directly from your webcam. Imported sequences can thus be moved, fragmented, copied or deleted very easily using the dedicated tools.

User can add blank footage with text or directly insert caption in videos. The software is based on a large gallery of stylized introductions and transitions, zooms, movements and visual effects that will embellish the video montages.

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We regret the reduced number of parameters for each of them. The sound options are also quite poor: volume, fade, and speed. This simplified approach is even more troublesome when it comes to exporting. No question here of choosing a codec or even a format but rather a type of use (playback on computer, DVD, etc.), a type of medium (iPhone, Windows Phone,: Android mobile, etc.), or a platform (OneDrive, Facebook, Youtube, etc.). H.264 is imposed anyway.

The latest news:

Note that the version for Windows 8 has some new features, including a stabilizer, an automatic photo collage mode and a better thought-out subtitle overlay.

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