Download WhatsApp for iOS

WhatsApp is a messaging solution of choice for chatting with your loved ones, whatever the brand and OS of their smartphone, even internationally. For several years, SMS have been subjected to competition from messaging solutions using data connections from mobile plans, such as iMessage (iPhone), BlackBerry Messenger or ChatOn (Samsung). Problem: these infrastructures are often specific to an OS or a smartphone manufacturer.

WhatsApp, on the contrary, is available on most platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Nokia S40. Whatever the phone of your loved ones, there is a good chance that it can install a version of the application.

In addition to sending messages, WhatsApp also allows group chats, as well as sending photos, videos, or audio messages. It is therefore a complete solution capable of overshadowing a Skype or iMessage, for example. And the publisher recently announced the implementation of end-to-end message encryption.

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